Wedding season starts again! Tze Yong & Shea Li

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After a short break away from wedding videos, the season has started again. Tze Yong & Shea Li is celebrating their wedding day on the first day of the 8th lunar month. The best thing about filming wedding videos is when you get to be with the family, and feel their warmth and strong ties on their joyous occassion. More so when I was also the wedding videographer of Tze Yong’s sister just a few months back. Can really feel the close knit ties of the family.

Tze Yong went to great effort to prepare for the fetching of his bride and made it really memorable. The giant billboards declared Tze Yong’s love for Shea Li. I guess that would have taken him tremendous efforts and several sleepless nights rushing this artwork. The students of Shea Li were also very sweet, and prepared a BIG gift for their favourite teacher.

The sky was extremely kind to them as well. Just as we were heading to the City from Sembawang area, it was raining all the way when we travelled, but when we reached the old Supreme Court to for the outdoor shoot, the sky was clear. Look at how William made them stand at the edge of the building so dangerously. Shea Li must be holding on to Tze Yong tightly.

Anyway, I think I am rattling really too much, I hope the video have almost completed loading, and you can start viewing it now.

Just playing around with

Gifts from students to the bride

it doesn't look quite the same from up there

bride & groom holding on tightly on the edge

Bridal Outdoor Shoot – Bryan & Angie

While it has somehow become the de-facto norm for wedding couples to take pre-wedding photos, Angie and Bryan were the more adventurous type. It was really a joy working with them and the friendly photographer as well, contrary to popular belief that videographers will hinder the photo shoot session.  I had great fun, and am looking forward to the next one.

Joseph & Shiya

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I got some feedback that loading the video sometimes take quite long. Do refer to the FAQ to try to optimize the viewing experience. Would also welcome you to drop by our studio to view the video in its full quality.

Joseph & Shiya had their celebration of love in a beautiful church setting at Cornerstone Community Church. Thanks to the church film crew, who were especially helpful to provide us the footage of their in-house video cams, it freed me to shoot additional angles which I could not normally achieve with a one-camera work. Thanks to the crew of CSCC once again.

On the wedding, Joseph also sang “It had to be you” to the bride, giving a pleasant surprise and touching the hearts of many present, on his public declaration of love.

Yen Swee & Min Ju

Love knows no boundaries, just like that of Yen Swee & Min Ju. In case you are wondering, Min Ju is Korean and Yen Swee is Singaporean. And fate may have it that they would meet in neither Singapore nor Korea, but in China where Yen Swee and Min Ju were on exchange program as students.

[Please contact us for the password to view the video, and we wish to meet up with you to discuss through how we can be of service to you!]

Their wedding had some cross culture flavors. During the church ceremony, the cute ring bearer boy was in traditional Korean costume, while the flower girl was in a lovely white gown. Min Ju simply looks ravishing in her traditional costume during the dinner.

Their wedding was full of touching moments, they each took turns to deliver their message to their in-laws in the own mother tongue; for the groom in Korean, and the bride in Mandarin. I wish the Yen Swee & Min Ju everlasting love and happiness.

Aaron & Sharon – married on 12th Jan 2008

(Please contact us for the password to view the video, and we wish to meet up with you to discuss through how we can be of service to you!)

I promised Sharon to make their video online as soon as I could. So here it is.

No other wedding gave me such a deep impression as Aaron & Sharon’s. Behind the beautiful deco of the church, the hotel is simply the way they both look at each other while reciting the vows. Its simply inspiring to just see the way they adore each other.

As we had 2 camera coverage, Sharon was able to see how Aaron prepared … and the most miraculous thing was that when my partner Xiaodong was filming Aaron in the process of sms-ing a very sweet message to Sharon, I was at the other end, filming Sharon’s lovely expression.

Enough of rumblings again … I think i am getting quite addicted to just blabber on and on blogging. Now I begin to understand why people blog. I am kinda loving it. Well, please enjoy the video, and I welcome comments!

Matt & Vicki

Whenever I see the destination weddings at beautiful beaches or in the scenic mountains, I always go green with envy. This editing project for Matt & Vicki brought me somewhat nearer to this dream of mine (it was filmed by US-based Intermountain Productions and Vicki wanted to edit it back in Singapore). The lush scenery, the beautiful setting, simply blew me away.

Typical U.S. weddings will not have the gate crashing style that we are all too familiar with, but being Singaporean style, Matt was not let off without some bits of that. Look out for his stylo performance.

Vicki is the nicest person to work with, she gave us all free creativity freedom to work with her footage, and of course we could not let her down. Check out the video, its one really memorable piece of work, makes me kinda dream to have the opportunity to be there in beautiful Colorado. Enjoy!

Wedding of Henry & Kwai Fong

Every individual weddings is always special. Even though I have done over a hundred the last 4 years, each day still bring special feelings. Please click play on the video screen below and let it load and buffer before you hear the rest of my rumblings.

Please contact us for the password to view the video, and we wish to meet up with you to discuss through how we can be of service to you!

Kwai Fong is an exceptional bride, she was simply cool the whole day through … no jittery feelings and her laughters were from deep within.

The brudders had excellent performance that day as well. Catch them in full action in the video, but here’s just a glimpse for those who want a quick peep.

Morning PT session for the brothers

Special Performance by the groom, Henry during gate crashing

It was for the first time we included the ROM solemnization held at 6.30pm footage into the express highlights played during the dinner. A challenge, but the excellent coordination by the brothers, especially Junxiong and my chief editor made it possible.