Fusing a Fun Wedding (Wedding Video of Deepan & Nisha)

We just love filming a fun wedding! It was such a coincidence that Deepan and Nisha happen to be friends with Shawn and Malini (previous article), and engaged us separately. They are such a joyful couple and their smiles never left their faces throughout the entire wedding.They were such a great to work with on their wedding video. As always, we wanted to capture the different “moments” of Deepan and Nisha interacting with their family members. We do this by anticipating their interactions and been in position to film these precious moments down. We also had some creative fun of fusing the catholic wedding and the traditional ceremonies together instead of segmenting the portions thus creating a more integrated wedding video.

Venue: Church of St. Vincent De Paul & Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple
Photographer: Moretopurple

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