Wedding Video of Steve & Joaquim

[if you are interested to view the video highlights Lighthouse Studio produced for the couple, please contact us to request for access]

The love between this couple went back as far as their Secondary School days at Bishan Park. How often will we get to reminisce those old school days back at our alma mater, especially during a wedding day. Steve and Joaquim did just that on their wedding day on 7-March-2009.

Filming was a joy with this group of friends, whom I think I have married off 5-6 of the couples among the group. They were all very game for some interesting activities we had in the school parade square. Check out also the brilliant and the best catch of the year when Joaquim tossed her flower.

Steve & Joaquim, I had lotsa great fun with you guys. Continue having fun every day of your married life. Looking forward to catching up with you guys soon!

Wedding Pictures of Jeremy & Mandy

J & M, Jeremy & Mandy; simply meant to be together - even the keyboard says so

Just like to share with you some of the photographs taken by Maisie on the wedding of Jeremy & Mandy. Maisie was the 2nd photographer for the day, busy going around taking very interesting photos to document the day of the couple’s wedding. Maisie has this natural flair for very creative and interesting angles, and is able to present the same scene in an attractive manner. If you like what you see here, check out more of Maisie’s photos on her multiply blog

Beautiful Sunset Solemnization at Beaufort, The Sentosa

Wedding Video of Eric & Candy

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I feel more and more like the old papa of sorts, marrying off one friend after another. Eric & Candy were my junior in NTU Hall 5, and their love blossomed since then, finally taking a big step today towards another phase of their life.

With our favourite service; the Live View! Gatecrashing, Candy got to watch all the funny and touching action live from her room. We also went outdoor photo shoot at the new Marina Barrage, the 15th reservoir in our little island. I particularly enjoyed the shoot, and I guess we had quite a few good shots with the blue sky and the city skyline in the background.

Eric & Candy, it was a pleasure celebrating your wedding day with you. I hope the wedding video will bring memories not only for you, but more so for your kids and for you in the future to reminisce the times of your wedding many many years down the road.

Wedding Highlights of Roy & Karrin

[Please contact us for the password to view the video, and we wish to meet up with you to discuss through how we can be of service to you!]

Wedding of Roy & Karrin on 29 November 2008

It has been a busy season, and we have been kept quite busy ever since September. I guess this is a happy problem, and sincere apologies to my beloved clients eagerly awaiting the full edit of your wedding video. We are keeping our work on it, and would want to present the best to you, instead of a rushed out work, simply to deliver and not using our best efforts in editing it. Please do bear with us, and allow us a little more forebearance in patiently awaiting for the final edit.

Back to Roy & Karrin’s wedding; ingredients for an interesting showdown between the sister gang and the brother gang, with quite a few innovative games inspired from Outward Bound School. Some intellectual games were part of the order too, check out what the wedding video has in store. Got some interesting screen grab, will add them in soon too! Meanwhile, stay tuned!! This is the season … been having back to back shoots, so lotsa of materials to update too….

3D style montage for Terence & Iris

Terence & Iris gave us total creative freedom and freeplay in doing up their childhood montage. We decided to create something different to wow them and the guests with our new 3D PHOTO MONTAGE!

The dynamic feel of this new style of 3D photo montage, elaborate treatment to your photos to turn your love story into something truly special and unique. As usual, let the video speak for itself.

Joseph & Shiya

[Please contact us for the password to view the video, and we wish to meet up with you to discuss through how we can be of service to you!]

I got some feedback that loading the video sometimes take quite long. Do refer to the FAQ to try to optimize the viewing experience. Would also welcome you to drop by our studio to view the video in its full quality.

Joseph & Shiya had their celebration of love in a beautiful church setting at Cornerstone Community Church. Thanks to the church film crew, who were especially helpful to provide us the footage of their in-house video cams, it freed me to shoot additional angles which I could not normally achieve with a one-camera work. Thanks to the crew of CSCC once again.

On the wedding, Joseph also sang “It had to be you” to the bride, giving a pleasant surprise and touching the hearts of many present, on his public declaration of love.

Matt & Vicki

Whenever I see the destination weddings at beautiful beaches or in the scenic mountains, I always go green with envy. This editing project for Matt & Vicki brought me somewhat nearer to this dream of mine (it was filmed by US-based Intermountain Productions and Vicki wanted to edit it back in Singapore). The lush scenery, the beautiful setting, simply blew me away.

Typical U.S. weddings will not have the gate crashing style that we are all too familiar with, but being Singaporean style, Matt was not let off without some bits of that. Look out for his stylo performance.

Vicki is the nicest person to work with, she gave us all free creativity freedom to work with her footage, and of course we could not let her down. Check out the video, its one really memorable piece of work, makes me kinda dream to have the opportunity to be there in beautiful Colorado. Enjoy!