The Italian Job

Italy comes to Singapore as Eugenio and Georgina tie the knot. It was hilarious to see Eugenio and his multi ethnic band of brothers gate crash Georgina’s house. This was especially so after the sisters made the groom’s men eat the much dreaded DURIANS. Nonetheless, Eugenio and his groomsman gamely ate the king of fruits. It was really fun to film them on the outdoor shoot as the cameras really loved them. Beautiful day, gorgeous couple and great wedding video. L’amore è nell’aria.

The Median Nerve of My Arm

We had a fun time filming the wedding video for Minsen and Huiying. The courageous Mingsen went through the gauntlet of games thrown at him. From dancing with feather boas to singing to the love of his life, Minsen was not thrown off.

The clink in Minsen’s amour was his skill in playing scissors paper stone. To the chagrin of his brothers, each time Minsen lost, they had to do a forfeit. Not to be outdone, the quick-witted Minsen composed an inspired poem for his muse, Huiying, thereby gaining access to her room.

Have a loving and fun-filled time together, Minsen and Huiying. May your relationship together be one of passion and discovery.

Wedding Video of Sze Chun & Anni

The proposal, keys to a new home and professions of love, there’s so much to tell about the relationship between Sze Chun and Anni.

We knew we wanted to tell a story. When Sze Chun and Anni brought pictures of their proposal to us and told us they were getting their keys to their brand new flat on the same day as the wedding, we knew we could craft a story within their wedding highlights video.

We really loved the emotive aspects of the video. Apart from what they said, you could really tell from their voices the depth of their love for each other. Thank you Sze Chun and Anni for trusting us to craft this video.

Professional groomsman for hire. Will work for grass & wasabi.

We’ve filmed most of this tight group of friends and Jacky & Shin Wee are like the 6th couple maybe 7th … i think I’ve lost count. It was sheer fun documenting the big day of this group of buddies, who have known each other since their Boys Brigade and Girl’s Brigade days.

Always full of fun, laughter and craziness … haha, its a joy to partake in your big day. And ya, in case any grooms out there are looking for the perfect bunch of buddies to star in your video, look no further!


Our hero, David, dressed for the occasion, arrives to fetch his beautiful maiden, Olivia. Enjoy the gate crash, Hong Kong style.

The joyous and fun atmosphere was infectious and we really had to try very hard not to laugh. During the dinner banquet, the guests were treated to Lighthouse Studio’s unique 3D montage. Still images from the past were animated, bringing back nostalgic memories. It was a pleasure filming you guys. All the best!

Daren & Eileen

We’re back! Many apologies for our tardiness in maintaining the blog. Suffice to say, we have been swamped with projects. BUT we’re good now. So expect more posts. :)

Daren went all out to ensure his then bride-to-be Eileen had a really memorable proposal, including inviting us to be a part of the “secret scheme”.

Fast forward one year later, we shared some of their crazy moments in this video incorporating their fun filled wedding day.

It was our pleasure to be a part of your proposal nite, solemnization and your BIG day! Congrats!

Eileen: Good Job Ming Song, Xiao Dong & Co! >_< All of you made these events even more memorable. Cheerz! =P

Diwei & Minmin's Solemnization album

Hello!!^^ Time sure flies and a year has passed since my last post. Kianteck recently finished an album from a solemnization we covered and here is a quick preview of their album..

Wedding Cartoon Montage of Eddie & Mandy

We gave you guys a sneak preview sometime ago on one of the new types of montage we are attempting. Thanks to Eddie & Mandy, who entrusted us with the big job of re-creating their love story through a short cartoon snippet. Its one of our first attempts at something like that, I hope it did turn out to be a watchable piece of work.

Thanks especially to Eddie and Mandy who gave us very encouraging words:

“Thank you for cracking your head burning midnight oil just to make sure the montage is a great piece of work! As much as we overwhelmed you with so much details, your professional eyes can still spot the highlights and piece them together in a beautiful flow! We know not how to thank you enough… THANKS! :-D”

If you like what you see and would like to work with us to develop the next cartoon montage, we will be glad to help you eternalize your story to be told to your friends, relatives and even your kids in the future! Thank you once again to Eddie & Mandy for being patient and forbearing with us on the tight deadline and giving us all trust to deliver this piece for you.

Wedding Video of Kelvin & Sherlyn


We must be very blessed with many good friends and ex-clients who continue to support us in whatever we do. Our main avenue for customers are from satisfied clients who in turn refer and entrust their  friend’s big day to us. In the case of Kelvin & Sherlyn, they first approached us through their photographer, Larry who in turn was a good friend of another photographer friend we had. Then when we got to meet up, we realised that we had also filmed her colleague’s wedding before. I guess Singapore is really small, and it again amplifies the importance of doing the best for whoever is our client, as good works will definitely be spread by words of mouth.

There were no less than a few hundred eyes on the road, as the bridal car zooms past and even more of the bridal entourage and relatives admiring the irresistible Ferrari sports car of Kelvin & Sherlyn. The groom being a navy officer, also had a smart looking contingent of swordsmen who welcome the couple as they march into the ballroom.

It was a pleasure to partake in your wedding celebrations, to record important moments of your important day of your life and we are glad to have been able to play a small role in making a part of your history.

Wedding Video of Junjie & Juliana

Had been too tied up with shoots, edits and many other projects in the month of May and June to concientiously update this blog. Would like to share the footages of Junjie & Juliana whose big day was on 30-April-2009.


The love nest of Junjie & Juliana provided many new inspiration ideas for our filming. The cosy little studio apartment of theirs has a mini poolside just outside their unit, and a lovely exterior and a splendid interior. Their home being in the colorful district of Little India, we also went for a short trip around there during the wedding day to shoot some memorable moments.

Many brides must have dreamed of walking on a runway stage for their wedding day, and the bride Juliana certainly got her wish fulfilled. The wedding banquet of Junjie & Juliana was just like a big showbiz party, with DJs and great music throughout the night. Junjie & Juliana,  your wedding celebration was certainly very unique and special, and I hope this video captured important bits for you to remember this significant day with.


Logo of J & J designed by Alvin Leow


The bridal runway @ Mariott Hotel Ballroom



The stars of the night!


Shopping @ Little India


Juliana: "Do you think this sari looks nice on me?"


Bride & Groom jaywalking