Jianxiong & Siew Teng

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Jianxiong & Siew Teng are not your typical couple; fun, adventurous and simply entertaining  the rest of the bridal party throughout the day. Friends of the couple are naturally of the same genre and all were equally hilarious especially during the gatecrashing session. The bride Siew Teng was able to catch all the action live from her room,

We had many firsts during the wedding shoot for Jianxiong & Siew Teng. Check out the interesting places we went during the outdoor shoot in their wedding video. The couple roughed it out in the dilipidated houses near the Seletar compound, had a few shots with planes, we even went to Orchid Country Club for a bowl.



Jianxiong & Siew Teng took up our solemnization express service. Our team went on-site for the filming and editing of their solemnization to incorporate their loving moments during the vow taking to share with all the rest of the guests who might be unable to join them. The jubilant look on the couple tells us all their joy in their union.

Jianxiong made the evening more eventful by singing unplugged for his lovely bride, for their 2nd march in. The ballad 就是爱你 touched the hearts of all in the dinner banquet, but really moved Siew Teng to tears. In my years of filming weddings, it is really the first time that I see a groom shed tears of joy. Everyone could sense the couple’s love for each other, and I am glad that this video will stand testament to your celebration of love, for you in the future, and especially for your kids to hear the voice that sang as the bride walks down the aisle rejoicing the union of Jianxiong & Siew Teng. Congrats!

Wedding Highlights of Roy & Karrin

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Wedding of Roy & Karrin on 29 November 2008

It has been a busy season, and we have been kept quite busy ever since September. I guess this is a happy problem, and sincere apologies to my beloved clients eagerly awaiting the full edit of your wedding video. We are keeping our work on it, and would want to present the best to you, instead of a rushed out work, simply to deliver and not using our best efforts in editing it. Please do bear with us, and allow us a little more forebearance in patiently awaiting for the final edit.

Back to Roy & Karrin’s wedding; ingredients for an interesting showdown between the sister gang and the brother gang, with quite a few innovative games inspired from Outward Bound School. Some intellectual games were part of the order too, check out what the wedding video has in store. Got some interesting screen grab, will add them in soon too! Meanwhile, stay tuned!! This is the season … been having back to back shoots, so lotsa of materials to update too….

Teck Hwee & Wen Yee

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Teck Hwee must have broken a few records along the way to win his bride, Wen Yee. He did his first ever Mr Bean dance in his life and tasted some special magical concoction.

Their whole church wedding seemed to be taken out from tv series. The dashing groom in his crisp white uniform, together with his fellow sword bearers, and the cute flower girls and paige boy accompanying the charming bride, with her trailing long gown. I think this is one scene that makes every girl wishing to have a church like wedding. Simply beautiful and elegant.

Enjoy the wedding video of Teck Hwee & Wen Yee.




Wedding of Jason & Hanni

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Jason truly gave his all to prove his strongest desire to fetch the lovely bride, overcoming all the obstacles and challenges that confronted him. The groom got a BIG stamp of approval from the mother in law after he assured her of his everlasting love for the precious daughter (a.k.a bride) Hanni.

We went on location to Lower Pierce Reservior for Jason & Hanni’s wedding outdoor shoot. In this little known, undisturbed and naturally scenic part of Singapore, it was a refreshing new place for a shoot. Below are some of the video screen grab of the lovely Lower Pierce Reservoir. I like to let the work we do speak for itself , so do enjoy the wedding video highlights of Jason & Hanni.

Jason & Hanni _1

Jason & Hanni


Jason & Hanni


Kenneth & Angie – 3D childhood montage & wedding highlights

As I am typing right now today, Kenneth & Angie will be having their 2nd round of wedding banquet in Hong Kong, where Kenneth’s family are based in. The gang of brothers and friends are all specially flown in from all over the world, from places like Hong Kong, Bahrain and South America to join in the celebrations of Kenneth & Angie’s love for each other.

As we all know, the game of gate crashing originates from Hong Kong and the Cantonese traditions. I was eager to find out how the elite Hong Kong brothers will overcome the barriers set forth by the sister gang; they truly did not disappoint. Such are the stuff that makes wedding video fun and memorable.

Following the popular demand of the 3D childhood montage, we did a childhood montage of Kenneth & Angie in a 3D style as well. View for yourself why a 3D montage will create a different experience for you and your guests as they relive your childhood photos.