Wedding Video of Eric & Candy

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I feel more and more like the old papa of sorts, marrying off one friend after another. Eric & Candy were my junior in NTU Hall 5, and their love blossomed since then, finally taking a big step today towards another phase of their life.

With our favourite service; the Live View! Gatecrashing, Candy got to watch all the funny and touching action live from her room. We also went outdoor photo shoot at the new Marina Barrage, the 15th reservoir in our little island. I particularly enjoyed the shoot, and I guess we had quite a few good shots with the blue sky and the city skyline in the background.

Eric & Candy, it was a pleasure celebrating your wedding day with you. I hope the wedding video will bring memories not only for you, but more so for your kids and for you in the future to reminisce the times of your wedding many many years down the road.

Joe & Xingyan

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Enjoy the wedding video of Joe & Xingyan. Joe and his band of brothers had planned several tricks up their sleeve to negotiate with the sisters with the least resources for the maximum results. Check out in the video what’s the outcome of their negotiations. Throughout the wedding day, Joe never fails to bring life and laughter to those around him, from the gatecrashing, to the moments of his declaration of love to Xingyan. I have no doubt that his lively nature will always brighten up the day for his wife and everyone else who knows him.

Lighthousestudio was again out in full force to deliver a truly memorable and challenging express solemnisation video for our Joe & Xingyan. I would like to leave you to view the video for now. Shall be right back to update on the rest of their memorable wedding day.

Jianxiong & Siew Teng

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Jianxiong & Siew Teng are not your typical couple; fun, adventurous and simply entertaining  the rest of the bridal party throughout the day. Friends of the couple are naturally of the same genre and all were equally hilarious especially during the gatecrashing session. The bride Siew Teng was able to catch all the action live from her room,

We had many firsts during the wedding shoot for Jianxiong & Siew Teng. Check out the interesting places we went during the outdoor shoot in their wedding video. The couple roughed it out in the dilipidated houses near the Seletar compound, had a few shots with planes, we even went to Orchid Country Club for a bowl.



Jianxiong & Siew Teng took up our solemnization express service. Our team went on-site for the filming and editing of their solemnization to incorporate their loving moments during the vow taking to share with all the rest of the guests who might be unable to join them. The jubilant look on the couple tells us all their joy in their union.

Jianxiong made the evening more eventful by singing unplugged for his lovely bride, for their 2nd march in. The ballad 就是爱你 touched the hearts of all in the dinner banquet, but really moved Siew Teng to tears. In my years of filming weddings, it is really the first time that I see a groom shed tears of joy. Everyone could sense the couple’s love for each other, and I am glad that this video will stand testament to your celebration of love, for you in the future, and especially for your kids to hear the voice that sang as the bride walks down the aisle rejoicing the union of Jianxiong & Siew Teng. Congrats!

Jeremy & Mandy

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The wedding of Jeremy & Mandy. Only one word to describe. SPECTACULAR. Maybe I can add the word FANTASTIC. But one word that sums up for me, my team and all guests, hosts and the couple, MEMORABLE.

In the morning during the gatecrashing, the brudders were really game on, and took all that the sisters threw at them and played them to their fullest. We even had a love affair between a German and a French the very morning.

The wedding video captured their touching moments, especially while they were reciting their vows with the beautiful sunset in the background. All these were captured in the video and edited into the express highlights shown at night. Lighthousestudio is the only wedding videographer with solemnization express services, allowing the couple to relive the moments of their vows and for their guests to re-witness their promises to each other.

The wedding of Jeremy & Mandy was simply beautiful, full of touching moments but never short of amusing and hilarious acts by Jeremy and his band of brudders. Kudos too for the sisters for preparing such a treat for them. More screen frames for you in a few days time, meanwhile enjoy the wedding video.

Jeremy&Mandy_solemnisation Jeremy&Mandy_firstmarchinJeremy&Mandy_watchhighlights

Jeremy&Mandy_MGS_Girls1 Jeremy&Mandy_MGSGirls2

[updated on 10-Dec-08 with screen grabs]

The couple had a fun filled evening as well. The sunset view of Sentosa Beaufort was simply enchanting, a suitable setting for Jeremy & Mandy’s promise of vows to each other. I have strongly encouraged my couples to arrange in the evening program in such a way they can view the video highlights we have prepared for them and the guests. The way Jeremy & Mandy enjoyed it bears testimony to why I will continue to persuade couples to try to arrange to view the wedding video highlights on the same evening together with the guests. Close friends of Mandy, the MGS Girls also performed with their innovative skit song. I realise I have a really long blog posting for Jeremy & Mandy, congrats once again, your wedding was really beautiful and memorable, and I wish you both a lifetime of marital bliss. I am glad to have played a small part in your life.

Wedding Highlights of Roy & Karrin

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Wedding of Roy & Karrin on 29 November 2008

It has been a busy season, and we have been kept quite busy ever since September. I guess this is a happy problem, and sincere apologies to my beloved clients eagerly awaiting the full edit of your wedding video. We are keeping our work on it, and would want to present the best to you, instead of a rushed out work, simply to deliver and not using our best efforts in editing it. Please do bear with us, and allow us a little more forebearance in patiently awaiting for the final edit.

Back to Roy & Karrin’s wedding; ingredients for an interesting showdown between the sister gang and the brother gang, with quite a few innovative games inspired from Outward Bound School. Some intellectual games were part of the order too, check out what the wedding video has in store. Got some interesting screen grab, will add them in soon too! Meanwhile, stay tuned!! This is the season … been having back to back shoots, so lotsa of materials to update too….

Wedding of Jason & Hanni

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Jason truly gave his all to prove his strongest desire to fetch the lovely bride, overcoming all the obstacles and challenges that confronted him. The groom got a BIG stamp of approval from the mother in law after he assured her of his everlasting love for the precious daughter (a.k.a bride) Hanni.

We went on location to Lower Pierce Reservior for Jason & Hanni’s wedding outdoor shoot. In this little known, undisturbed and naturally scenic part of Singapore, it was a refreshing new place for a shoot. Below are some of the video screen grab of the lovely Lower Pierce Reservoir. I like to let the work we do speak for itself , so do enjoy the wedding video highlights of Jason & Hanni.

Jason & Hanni _1

Jason & Hanni


Jason & Hanni


Wedding season starts again! Tze Yong & Shea Li

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After a short break away from wedding videos, the season has started again. Tze Yong & Shea Li is celebrating their wedding day on the first day of the 8th lunar month. The best thing about filming wedding videos is when you get to be with the family, and feel their warmth and strong ties on their joyous occassion. More so when I was also the wedding videographer of Tze Yong’s sister just a few months back. Can really feel the close knit ties of the family.

Tze Yong went to great effort to prepare for the fetching of his bride and made it really memorable. The giant billboards declared Tze Yong’s love for Shea Li. I guess that would have taken him tremendous efforts and several sleepless nights rushing this artwork. The students of Shea Li were also very sweet, and prepared a BIG gift for their favourite teacher.

The sky was extremely kind to them as well. Just as we were heading to the City from Sembawang area, it was raining all the way when we travelled, but when we reached the old Supreme Court to for the outdoor shoot, the sky was clear. Look at how William made them stand at the edge of the building so dangerously. Shea Li must be holding on to Tze Yong tightly.

Anyway, I think I am rattling really too much, I hope the video have almost completed loading, and you can start viewing it now.

Just playing around with

Gifts from students to the bride

it doesn't look quite the same from up there

bride & groom holding on tightly on the edge