Banquet March in your Wedding Express Video

Creating a wedding express video is no easy feat. Producing a great video within limited amount of time requires the best out of us. But how about having elements of your first march in the express video?

Really appreciate Samuel and Cheryl for trusting us with their wedding video. They allowed us to stretch the boundaries and use those creative juices of ours to do something different from our usual style. Slick editing, skilful camera work and most of all a great couple allowed us to produce this masterpiece.

Church Venue: Church of Saint Francis Xavier
Banquet Venue: Island Ballroom, Shangri-La
Makeup Artist: TG Goh
Photography: PicsCanFly
Videography: Lighthouse Studio

Wedding Movie Trailer – Eric & Evelyn

I guess we haven’t been updating the blog for sometime. Been terribly busy with alot of stuff. We have been busy with our edits, lotsa of them in fact. I really hope that we are able to deliver the wedding videos that our couples have been eagerly waiting for earlier than what we are managing now. But I guess we’d rather spend time to make a memorable piece of work that our couples can take with them and view over and over again.

As I tell all of my clients, you aren’t purchasing a video for now; ┬áthe video is for later on in life as well, when you can show (see and hear) your children how you were like on your wedding day. The true value of a wedding video is revealed when it becomes re-watchable even years after the wedding; hear the shouting of the groom when he’s fighting to win his bride, the moments the couple walks down the aisle and those intimate moments you share on that beautiful day.

Our wedding feature movie helps you preserve and relive those memories with a 30 minutes presentation, full of exciting and memorable moments. As the full video is too long to be shared, the trailer movie of Eric & Evelyn is showcased. We hope you will enjoy this refreshing form of edit.