Unconditionally – Wedding Film of Jonah & Phoebe (Lighthouse Studio Wedding Videography)

They met on the runway and now writer weds blogger. Having just a “typical” wedding film will not do them justice. Since words were so much part of their lives, we had to capture their mutual expressions of love for one another, making this film, uniquely theirs.

Wedding Videography-Lighthouse Studio
Photography-Julius Photography
Church Venue- Bethesda Frankel Estate Church
Banquet Venue- The Regent

One of the most emotional wedding (Wedding Video of Jianyong & Jacqueline)

Jianyong and Jacqueline are a rare breed, budding entrepreneurs, they decided to take the road less traveled to strike out on their own. The really do complement each other, one the savvy ideas and marketing person, the other a cool headed planner. From the successes of their business, they really work well together. Work aside, you could really see that they enjoy each other’s company, finding common ground in their differences. We decided to use their wedding video to bring to the foreground the simple things that make them fall for one another. It was really an honor to be part of their wedding and witnessing their emotional expressions of love though their vows and actions.

Videography: Lighthouse Studio
Photography: Chuian Feng, 1950 Photography
Banquet Location: Mandarin Oriental

Gate Crash + Church Martrimony + 1st March in a express film? (Wedding Film of Shi Long & Seraphina)

Shi Long & Seraphina wanted a full throttle wedding film and we obliged. Being a pilot in the RSAF, I guess Shi Long and full throttle are synonymous. The church matrimony just before the dinner banquet was important for them and they wanted the matrimony to be in the express highlights video. We decided to go one step further by including their first march in into the wedding film! You should see the Shi Long’s rection when he saw the wedding film, his jaw dropped, in a good way. Here is a summary of the entire wedding :)

Videography: Lighthouse Studio
Photography: Yiting, One Eye Click
Banquet Venue: Mandarin Oriental

Shawn & Joanne’s Wedding Film

We wanted to personalize the wedding video for Shawn & Joanne. That meant capturing significant ¬†details of their wedding ceremony. Joanne’s dad is such a consummate owner of singing birds and we wanted to show some of those aspects in the wedding film . Of course what solemnization can do without one of Singapore’s most famous Justice of Peace, Dr Phua Tan Tee. His words were not merely entertaining but filled with wisdom for a lasting relationship together. Their vows were a promise of commitment, friendship and love but it wasn’t just the words. Even more so, you knew Shawn and Joanne meant every word that they said.

Videography: Lighthouse Studio
Photography: Chrisppics
Banquet Venue: Mandarin Oriental

When the BOSS gets married

Its one thing to be filming a wedding, but its totally another form of experience being on the other side of things. Like what some mentioned, its finally my turn to experience this rite of passage.

The rest of the team from Lighthouse Studio then took on the role to film our wedding, putting in more plans than usual to ensure all aspects of the wedding are well taken care of, and are well documented.

All I can say is that the wedding day passed by ultra fast, and I did not fall into the “trap” of micro-managing my video crew as there was simply no time to do so, and I had already relayed some of the ideas and thoughts of how i desired the production to turn out.

Thanks guys for the lovely memories you have documented, the extra dedication in doing beyond 200%.

Mingsong a.k.a. Groom a.k.a. Lighthouse Studio Boss

Bridal Gowns: Bridal Closet
Banquet: Swissotel Merchant Court
AD Photography / Instant Prints: Chrisppics
ROM/Banquet Photography: 1950s Photography

Daren & Eileen

We’re back! Many apologies for our tardiness in maintaining the blog. Suffice to say, we have been swamped with projects. BUT we’re good now. So expect more posts. :)

Daren went all out to ensure his then bride-to-be Eileen had a really memorable proposal, including inviting us to be a part of the “secret scheme”.

Fast forward one year later, we shared some of their crazy moments in this video incorporating their fun filled wedding day.

It was our pleasure to be a part of your proposal nite, solemnization and your BIG day! Congrats!

Eileen: Good Job Ming Song, Xiao Dong & Co! >_< All of you made these events even more memorable. Cheerz! =P

Solemnisation Express Video for Alvin & Rachel

Producing beautiful Express Videos at wedding dinners are not as easy as people think! This is because good editing requires time and effort. The minimum time usually required to edit the wedding footages, filmed in the morning, is between 4 to 5 hours. Therefore, solemnisation ceremonies held just before the dinner banquets would typically not be included in Express videos as there is less than 1 to 2 hours to edit them.

Alvin came to us one day and asked us if we could help film his wedding video. He felt that it would be meaningful to share moments of his solemnization with his dinner banquet guests and asked if we could fulfil his wish. Being confident of pulling it off and crazy enough to take up the challenge, we readily agreed.

This special couple, Alvin & Rachel, have known each other since secondary school. Alvin had a crush on Rachel since then but was too shy to court her then. This friendship gradually developed into love later on. It was clear to us from the gatecrash to the outdoor shoots at Upper Pierce Reservoir and Pierce Secondary school that they strongly loved each other. We wish you, Alvin and Rachel, a blessed wedding. May your relationship grow deeper in understanding and intimacy.

[in compliance to recent music copyright rules, please email us at video@lighthousestudio.sg for the password to watch the video. if you find difficulty loading the video, check out our FAQ for a possible solution]

The ever smiley bride Rachel

Back to our Sec Sch when sparks first flew

cool Rachel enjoying the show in the room

Say Arghh…

Bro, u look scary!

sorry Rachel I kissed him first today ..

4 cute Bunnies

Cool Bunny Pole Dance

Alvin conquered the gate and winning the bride Rachel

the entrance of the groom and bride for their ROM

Thumbs up for the Solemniser

Iain & Claudia – union of Knight & Princess

Its been a while since we last posted something on the blog. Been caught up with many things, one of them being the copyright music in wedding videography that we are all concerned about. Kudos to RIPS for showing leadership and decisiveness in striking a balance between the music companies they represent and common people like us. Visit http://www.rips.com.sg/wedding/ for detailed info.

No details was spared in the preparation of their wedding in bringing out the theme of the Knight and Princess and their fairytale wedding. No efforts were spared by both the groom and bride to make each other the most important person and the happiest for the day and beyond.

As the gang of brothers “prepared for glory” in gungho style, its the artwork and the innate singing talent within Iain that melted that heart of his beloved Princess. Hardly have I seen my buddy sing before, thus I have specially cut out a short segment of his entire singing. Check out also his self-made card, lovely delicate art work.

[if you find difficulty loading the video and you are on Singnet/MIO internet, please visit our FAQ for a possible solution]

The rest of the actions were even more hilarious and fun, specially since we have a team of warriors in battle with the groom, ever ready to take on any types of challenges that comes their way. Check out the freshly brewed express highlights incorporating their same-day solemnization ceremony.

[please request from the couple or from us to obtain access to view the password-protected private video]

Wedding Video of Daniel & Elsie

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/3613387]

[if you are interested to view the video highlights Lighthousestudio produced for the couple, please email video@lighthousestudio.sg to request for access]

We have yet pulled off another ROM-Express video highlights with our on-site editing for the wedding of Daniel & Elsie. This video is one of our recent favourites, with so many amazing & charming people and beautiful things to top it off. I especially liked the way Daniel & Elsie looked at each other during their vows, reflecting the solemn and serious manner they commit to each other.

There was no lack of fun and hilarious scenes typical of the videos we present. Look out for Daniel and his gang of brothers who pulled off tricks and effort to win the bride’s heart. All these moments were of course seen by the bride “live” in her room with our signature LiveView!Gatecrashing.

The closing quote by the solemnizer brings us golden words of advise for a lasting marriage.¬† “Success in marriage is not about finding the right partner, but rather its being the RIGHT partner.” Daniel & Elsie, may you be the RIGHT partner and enjoy a lifetime of marital bliss with each other.

The Holy Matrimony of Thomas & Peixian

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/3431364]

[if you are interested to view the video highlights Lighthousestudio produced for the couple, please email video@lighthousestudio.sg to request for access]

When tears flow during a wedding ceremony, it truly expresses the depth of joy and emotions of the couple for each other, and especially for Christian marriages the acceptance of God in their new lives ahead.

Peixian the bride allowed us all free creative reign in the video production process, especially so when we produced yet another ROM-express where the banquet guests can have a glimpse of those special moments of the couple during the solemnization. The Lighthousestudio team is able to produce a video with a lead time of within 2 hours to wow your guests and share these special moments with them.

The groom had his fair share of fun, and a concert to call his own during the process of wining his bride during the gatecrashing. The band of brothers were innovative with their make-to-do musical instruments and their last minute song writing prowress.

Thomas & Peixian, congrats to you both. It was a touching wedding and one that leaves me with lasting memories.