Love Is a Many Splendored Thing (Raymond & Winnie’s Same Day Edit Wedding Film)

Raymond and Winnie approached us for a more intimate same day edit wedding film. Separately, Raymond wanted to surprise Winnie with a letter. We took another direction in the film style and edit. Instead of the boisterous fanfare of gatecrash, we decided on a more romantic note. We wanted to storyboard their relationship through the medium of a letter alongside their scenes of their interactions. In the end, it was an emotive film that brought more than a few tears in the banquet, cinematographer included.

Cinematography: Lighthouse Studio
Photography: PicsCanFly
Banquet Location: Mandarin Oriental

Timothy and Megan’s Wedding Film

We took a different apporach to the wedding highlights of Timothy & Megan. Timothy and Megan desired a wedding highlights that had an church emphasis and we did just that. The music was more measured and we included more shots that had a emotive quality. Really honoured to be able to capture those precious moments such as the loving embrace of mother and son and the two love birds looking at each other.

Videography: Lighthouse Studio
Photography: Big Day Pictures
Church: Church Of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour
Weddding Banquet: Marriott Hotel

When the BOSS gets married

Its one thing to be filming a wedding, but its totally another form of experience being on the other side of things. Like what some mentioned, its finally my turn to experience this rite of passage.

The rest of the team from Lighthouse Studio then took on the role to film our wedding, putting in more plans than usual to ensure all aspects of the wedding are well taken care of, and are well documented.

All I can say is that the wedding day passed by ultra fast, and I did not fall into the “trap” of micro-managing my video crew as there was simply no time to do so, and I had already relayed some of the ideas and thoughts of how i desired the production to turn out.

Thanks guys for the lovely memories you have documented, the extra dedication in doing beyond 200%.

Mingsong a.k.a. Groom a.k.a. Lighthouse Studio Boss

Bridal Gowns: Bridal Closet
Banquet: Swissotel Merchant Court
AD Photography / Instant Prints: Chrisppics
ROM/Banquet Photography: 1950s Photography

The Italian Job

Italy comes to Singapore as Eugenio and Georgina tie the knot. It was hilarious to see Eugenio and his multi ethnic band of brothers gate crash Georgina’s house. This was especially so after the sisters made the groom’s men eat the much dreaded DURIANS. Nonetheless, Eugenio and his groomsman gamely ate the king of fruits. It was really fun to film them on the outdoor shoot as the cameras really loved them. Beautiful day, gorgeous couple and great wedding video. L’amore è nell’aria.

Wedding Video of Sze Chun & Anni

The proposal, keys to a new home and professions of love, there’s so much to tell about the relationship between Sze Chun and Anni.

We knew we wanted to tell a story. When Sze Chun and Anni brought pictures of their proposal to us and told us they were getting their keys to their brand new flat on the same day as the wedding, we knew we could craft a story within their wedding highlights video.

We really loved the emotive aspects of the video. Apart from what they said, you could really tell from their voices the depth of their love for each other. Thank you Sze Chun and Anni for trusting us to craft this video.

Professional groomsman for hire. Will work for grass & wasabi.

We’ve filmed most of this tight group of friends and Jacky & Shin Wee are like the 6th couple maybe 7th … i think I’ve lost count. It was sheer fun documenting the big day of this group of buddies, who have known each other since their Boys Brigade and Girl’s Brigade days.

Always full of fun, laughter and craziness … haha, its a joy to partake in your big day. And ya, in case any grooms out there are looking for the perfect bunch of buddies to star in your video, look no further!

Daren & Eileen

We’re back! Many apologies for our tardiness in maintaining the blog. Suffice to say, we have been swamped with projects. BUT we’re good now. So expect more posts. :)

Daren went all out to ensure his then bride-to-be Eileen had a really memorable proposal, including inviting us to be a part of the “secret scheme”.

Fast forward one year later, we shared some of their crazy moments in this video incorporating their fun filled wedding day.

It was our pleasure to be a part of your proposal nite, solemnization and your BIG day! Congrats!

Eileen: Good Job Ming Song, Xiao Dong & Co! >_< All of you made these events even more memorable. Cheerz! =P

Wedding Video of Ben & Jingting + Pre-wedding Outdoor Shoot

We had great fun during together with the couple; Ben & Jingting, both shooting their pre-wedding video as well as during their actual day wedding videography.
In this collaboration shoot with Hongyin, the photographer for the couple we went to places where they went for their first date, some of their favourite hangouts whenever they go dating and not forgetting the place where they met, fell in love and decided to be with each other for the rest of their lives as a couple @ SGH.







Check out also the fun moments the groom and his brothers had, as well as the touching moments in this wedding video highlights that’s presented. Congrats once again to Ben & Jingting, it was really fun to be with you guys throughout the pre-wedding and actual day shoot.

Wedding Video of Steve & Joaquim

[if you are interested to view the video highlights Lighthouse Studio produced for the couple, please contact us to request for access]

The love between this couple went back as far as their Secondary School days at Bishan Park. How often will we get to reminisce those old school days back at our alma mater, especially during a wedding day. Steve and Joaquim did just that on their wedding day on 7-March-2009.

Filming was a joy with this group of friends, whom I think I have married off 5-6 of the couples among the group. They were all very game for some interesting activities we had in the school parade square. Check out also the brilliant and the best catch of the year when Joaquim tossed her flower.

Steve & Joaquim, I had lotsa great fun with you guys. Continue having fun every day of your married life. Looking forward to catching up with you guys soon!

So when should you book your wedding videographer?

I received a call yesterday from a bride who was referred by another colleague in our industry that triggered some thoughts in my mind. Although the bride-to-be really likes our style of video presentation, we are unable to be of service to them as we were already booked way ahead for auspicious date on the mid-autumn festival this year. The bride-to-be mentioned that it’s about 7 months away from her wedding day, it should have been early enough to book the wedding vendors. It really pains us to have to reject couples who really appreciate our work, and more because it is a reccomendation from a one of our previous couples.

On the other spectrum, Daniel & Elsie broke my record this year to meet up with us for the first time, and confirm our wedding videography service to film their wedding  within 4 days before wedding for this coming Sunday 1-March-2009. Our top record is from some years back; we were engaged to film a couple’s wedding the very night before the wedding day. If I don’t remember wrongly, it was within 6 hours of the bride waking up for her make-up session.

So when is exactly a good time before your wedding date to book your videographer? Saw this page from a popular bridal magazine, that reccomends that you should start looking for your wedding photographers and videographers about 3 months before the wedding date.


Is that early enough? At Lighthousestudio, we have 2 teams of videographer/editor to be of service to our couples on any one day. If you like the work we do, and trust that the videos we produce will entertain you and your guests on your wedding day, and more importantly serve as memories where you take out every once in a while every year to relive those special moments, we welcome to meet up with you even 1 year or more before your wedding day to discuss your ideas on wedding videography. Therefore, it is advisable to make enquiry as soon as you have booked your venue to avoid disappointment.