Timothy and Megan’s Wedding Film

We took a different apporach to the wedding highlights of Timothy & Megan. Timothy and Megan desired a wedding highlights that had an church emphasis and we did just that. The music was more measured and we included more shots that had a emotive quality. Really honoured to be able to capture those precious moments such as the loving embrace of mother and son and the two love birds looking at each other.

Videography: Lighthouse Studio
Photography: Big Day Pictures
Church: Church Of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour
Weddding Banquet: Marriott Hotel

The Holy Matrimony of Thomas & Peixian

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/3431364]

[if you are interested to view the video highlights Lighthousestudio produced for the couple, please email video@lighthousestudio.sg to request for access]

When tears flow during a wedding ceremony, it truly expresses the depth of joy and emotions of the couple for each other, and especially for Christian marriages the acceptance of God in their new lives ahead.

Peixian the bride allowed us all free creative reign in the video production process, especially so when we produced yet another ROM-express where the banquet guests can have a glimpse of those special moments of the couple during the solemnization. The Lighthousestudio team is able to produce a video with a lead time of within 2 hours to wow your guests and share these special moments with them.

The groom had his fair share of fun, and a concert to call his own during the process of wining his bride during the gatecrashing. The band of brothers were innovative with their make-to-do musical instruments and their last minute song writing prowress.

Thomas & Peixian, congrats to you both. It was a touching wedding and one that leaves me with lasting memories.