Wedding Highlights of Joshua & Kathleen

Joshua and Kathleen live in the same block and the way they met was…unique. We were privileged to film their love story and their actual day highlights. Check out their love story here. The enthusiasm of Joshua and Kathleen was infectious and the celebratory mood was apparent to see. Kudos to Joshua for willing to eat the whipped cream, wherever it was.

The Italian Job

Italy comes to Singapore as Eugenio and Georgina tie the knot. It was hilarious to see Eugenio and his multi ethnic band of brothers gate crash Georgina’s house. This was especially so after the sisters made the groom’s men eat the much dreaded DURIANS. Nonetheless, Eugenio and his groomsman gamely ate the king of fruits. It was really fun to film them on the outdoor shoot as the cameras really loved them. Beautiful day, gorgeous couple and great wedding video. L’amore è nell’aria.

Wedding Video of Sze Chun & Anni

The proposal, keys to a new home and professions of love, there’s so much to tell about the relationship between Sze Chun and Anni.

We knew we wanted to tell a story. When Sze Chun and Anni brought pictures of their proposal to us and told us they were getting their keys to their brand new flat on the same day as the wedding, we knew we could craft a story within their wedding highlights video.

We really loved the emotive aspects of the video. Apart from what they said, you could really tell from their voices the depth of their love for each other. Thank you Sze Chun and Anni for trusting us to craft this video.

The groom throws the bouquet too

Same Street, Same Block, Same Unit. Why do I get a sense of Deja Vu? It wasn’t too long ago when we were filming Yuan Yuan sister’s wedding. Now here we are filming the fantastic Yuan Yuan and Zhi Zhong! They both have such a zest for life that made it so enjoyable to film them. Mix in a fun loving group of brothers and sisters and you have a great wedding! May you guys enjoy and grow to love each other more in this new stage of your lives!


Our hero, David, dressed for the occasion, arrives to fetch his beautiful maiden, Olivia. Enjoy the gate crash, Hong Kong style.

The joyous and fun atmosphere was infectious and we really had to try very hard not to laugh. During the dinner banquet, the guests were treated to Lighthouse Studio’s unique 3D montage. Still images from the past were animated, bringing back nostalgic memories. It was a pleasure filming you guys. All the best!

Iain & Claudia – union of Knight & Princess

Its been a while since we last posted something on the blog. Been caught up with many things, one of them being the copyright music in wedding videography that we are all concerned about. Kudos to RIPS for showing leadership and decisiveness in striking a balance between the music companies they represent and common people like us. Visit for detailed info.

No details was spared in the preparation of their wedding in bringing out the theme of the Knight and Princess and their fairytale wedding. No efforts were spared by both the groom and bride to make each other the most important person and the happiest for the day and beyond.

As the gang of brothers “prepared for glory” in gungho style, its the artwork and the innate singing talent within Iain that melted that heart of his beloved Princess. Hardly have I seen my buddy sing before, thus I have specially cut out a short segment of his entire singing. Check out also his self-made card, lovely delicate art work.

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The rest of the actions were even more hilarious and fun, specially since we have a team of warriors in battle with the groom, ever ready to take on any types of challenges that comes their way. Check out the freshly brewed express highlights incorporating their same-day solemnization ceremony.

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Aloysius & Lih Yun

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I remembered Aloysius’s sms probably over a year ago, I think it was just after he proposed to his wife. I managed to dig out his sms, it was on the morning of 3-August-2007.

“Morning MS, can i book your service for my wedding on 7th september next year? Haha.

Aloysius was my classmate back in Anderson Junior College (AJC) over ten years back, and its really an honour to be able to do his wedding video in celebration of the most important day of his life. It really seems that I am kinda “marrying” off each and every one of my peers.

Had been a busy week, and this has been the 3rd wedding video since the start of the season. This is yet another Hi-Definition Wedding Video, definitely well suited to Aloy & Lih Yun’s I should think almost 50″ LCD TV.  Quality aside, the key to a good wedding video is capturing the emotions, the fun & laughters, and the affection of the couple.

Aloy & Lih Yun, I really had fun partaking in your big day … best wishes to you both having eternal bliss and happiness in your family life.