3D Montages a growing trend

Looking for something unique and new in your wedding? Lighthouse Studio introduces 3D montages (no goggles required). We were growing tired with the typical photo slideshows aka powerpoint style, with their cliche transitions. After a while, one looses attention to the photo slideshow pretty fast. Why not make something great to watch and still base it on photos? We decided to bring “life” to photos enabling them to interact with one another. It’s a WOW factor to most who have seen it. Check it out.

$200 off 3D Montages!

Lighthouse Studio brings you our unique 3D Montage. You can now do away with the typical photo slideshow with a 3D animated one as we transform static pictures to dynamic motion productions. Suitable for wowing your guests at the dinner. Here’s an example,

From now till February 2011, we’re having a promotion and giving it away with a $200 discount if you’re fan of Lighthouse Studio Facebook page. What’s more, the 3D Montage is 50% off if you sign up for our wedding packages.* Wanna have the 3D montage? Here’s how,

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Free Wedding Photo Montage with Actual Day Videography Package

Answer some simple questions regarding our recent wedding trailer correctly and be entitled to a free wedding childhood montage service FREE! from us. Limited to the first 20 couples that sign up with a deposit by 31-March-2010. Interested couples are encouraged to send in your enquiry email with the date of your wedding and the correct answer to the following questions.

Question 1: How many couples were featured in the trailer?

Question 2: What is the name of the church being featured at time 0:54? (you may be able to find out the answer from our blog archives)

3D Wedding Montage for Chun Kiat & Sze Jia

Rule #1: use a sweet romantic love song

Rule #2: photos must be chronologically ordered

Rule #3: never do fast movements and transitions, otherwise you can’t identify the faces in the montage clearly

those are the common rules to follow for the process of doing a childhood montage, but we broke them all!  A quick tempo song, fast moves and transitions, and photo sequence that eschew the usual chronological convention. By pushing the envelop, our efforts culminated in a great unique show, worthy to be remembered for years to come.

One of our fav pieces for this season, created in a outrageously rebellious  style – thanks to the couple, Chun Kiat and Sze Jia, who made all of this possible.

Wedding Highlights of Wilson & Kaiting


This was yet another couple that got together from the days our our hostel living in NTU Hall 5. For those who have been following our blog, Eric & Candy, as well as Tevin & Jas were the few other couples that Lighthouse Studio had the privilege to help record their wedding celebrations. We all heard this couple got to know each other better, thanks to the Inter-Hall Games of DARTS. Thus it was quite fitting that Wilson had to “shoot” his way through to win his bride. Here’s some video screen grabs for you to get a quick preview of whats in the video.

Wilson has his turn!

Wilson has his turn at Pinching his Bride!

This is the TARGET!

Sisters to the Groom: “This is the TARGET!”

The groom taking aim

The groom taking aim

Check out the expression of the sister while the Groom takes aim

Check out the expression of the sister while the groom takes aim

During the dinner banquet, the talented Wilson Fu (younger brother of the bride) also performed an excellent rendition of Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours…. by the way, the bride’s younger brother is also called Wilson. So today on the 11-July-2009, the Fu family also welcomed Wilson Tham as the son-in-law of the family.

Wilson Fu - the star performer of the night!

Wilson Fu – the star performer of the night!


Wilson enjoying the moments on stage

The groom Wilson and the bride Kaiting gives a rousing applause

The groom Wilson and the bride Kaiting gives a rousing applause

"I never knew my brother could sing that well!"

“I never knew my brother could sing that well!”

Wilson has a little fan giving him flowers

Wilson has a little fan giving him flowers

"Can I be like him when i grow up?"

“Can I be like you when i grow up?”

Our best reward for us is to see those smiling faces of the banquet guests when the highlights video is being played. For Wilson & Kaiting, they took up my suggestion to arrange the video to be shown while they are in the ballroom to enjoy the show as well. Check out the groom’s expression in the centre of the collage picture while the bride is happily laughing away.

Faces of Expression while watching the express video highlights

Faces of Expression while watching the express video highlights.

We also did up their childhood photo montage in our signature 3D style. Hope you enjoy the pics and the clips, and do keep coming back for more.


Wedding Cartoon Montage of Eddie & Mandy

We gave you guys a sneak preview sometime ago on one of the new types of montage we are attempting. Thanks to Eddie & Mandy, who entrusted us with the big job of re-creating their love story through a short cartoon snippet. Its one of our first attempts at something like that, I hope it did turn out to be a watchable piece of work.

Thanks especially to Eddie and Mandy who gave us very encouraging words:

“Thank you for cracking your head burning midnight oil just to make sure the montage is a great piece of work! As much as we overwhelmed you with so much details, your professional eyes can still spot the highlights and piece them together in a beautiful flow! We know not how to thank you enough… THANKS! :-D”

If you like what you see and would like to work with us to develop the next cartoon montage, we will be glad to help you eternalize your story to be told to your friends, relatives and even your kids in the future! Thank you once again to Eddie & Mandy for being patient and forbearing with us on the tight deadline and giving us all trust to deliver this piece for you.

Another new 3D Wedding Montage for Vivien & Tze Shern

Apologies that we have not been keeping pace with our updating of the blog. It had been a really busy month for January, many concurrent projects and never ending datelines to meet. In spite of that, we made time and had to pull off a super rushed 3D wedding montage for Tze Shern & Vivien, with less than a week to complete. My sincere thanks to the couple for entrusting all of themselves to us, having full confidence in our work, and never asking to view the montage before the wedding. The reality is we only managed to complete the montage only the day before their big day on 22-May.

Hope you guys enjoy the latest of our works, their wedding video and many other recent productions will be up real soon. Click to join  Lighthousestudio Facebook group to be kept updated of the latest news and we hope to have you back with us soon!

Cartoon Montage of Guixiang & Gloria

This is a long overdue post. Had been quite a busy season, where we try our very best to deliver as many videos as we possibly can, before CNY so that during the season of family gathering, our couples may share memories of their special day with their loved ones.

Guixiang & Gloria

Cartoon Cariature of Guixiang & Gloria

Back to the story of the montage for Guixiang & Gloria; our inspiration for new types of montage or for new ways to present our work come from many places. But most of the time, its our couples who challenge us to think out of the box, to do something different and special for them. We were really motivated by Guixiang and Gloria when they presented us with this idea of theirs. The groom had taken much effort to type out their love story … the many tactics he used, and how he finally persevered to win Gloria’s heart with 4 important items. Special mention must also go to a good friend of Guixiang and Gloria; Winnie did a great job drawing out the cute tooney characters in preparation for the montage; we decided to add  some colors to the characters to bring out the cheery and happy mood of their love story.

Winnie did a great job with the cartoon drawing

Winnie did a great job with the cartoon drawing

We added some color to bring the cartoon alive!

We added some color to bring the cartoon alive!

The 4 items that Guixiang used to win Gloria's heart

The 4 items that Guixiang used to win Gloria’s heart

[if you are interested to view the cartoon montage Lighthousestudio produced for the couple, contact us for access.]

Irene & Sze Whay – you made my day!! Thank You!!

A BIG THANK YOU to Irene & Sze Whay for the nice looking thank you card, and your thoughtful message in the card.


The card even has a furry texture, I think it can’t be really seen from my scanned picture. I like the card alot!

Thanks for your compliments on the work we do, its really these little things that keeps us going, and motivating us to keep making memorable videos for you and your family to view again and again.

The nice and romantic Korean love song (“Marry Me”) that you requested to be used for your 3D montage  had such a lovely tune, that really mesmerizes people. Although I don’t quite understand the lyrics, the beautiful melody is really apt for a wedding celebration, and for the montage.

I hope you will enjoy the 3D montage as much as we have put in our effort in doing this well. Congrats to Sze Whay & Irene, and thanks for working closely with us, and being patient with us in our revision of the draft till this final version.