Professional groomsman for hire. Will work for grass & wasabi.

We’ve filmed most of this tight group of friends and Jacky & Shin Wee are like the 6th couple maybe 7th … i think I’ve lost count. It was sheer fun documenting the big day of this group of buddies, who have known each other since their Boys Brigade and Girl’s Brigade days.

Always full of fun, laughter and craziness … haha, its a joy to partake in your big day. And ya, in case any grooms out there are looking for the perfect bunch of buddies to star in your video, look no further!

Solemnization of Grey & Maria

[if you are interested to view the video highlights Lighthouse Studio produced for the couple, please contact us to request for access]

Those simple words “In token and pledge, of our constant faith, and our binding love, with this ring, I marry you”  can be said within a minute, but these are the very words which any couple set forth their promise to be together for life.

Grey and Maria had a simple yet meaningful ceremony celebrating their union with their family and close friends on Valentines Day of 2009. Even though the Grey and Maria come from different countries, their love knows no boundaries. From the way they play the piano together, the way they look at each other and their embrace, we know that they will fulfil the wishes from their family and friends; A Happy Marriage, A Lasting Union and to be Parents soon!!

I hope this video can also let the family and friends and bride back in her country know that she is well taken care of by the dependable husband, Grey. I wish you both an eternal life of bliss and live by the lyrics of the song “I wanna grow old with you.”

Bridal Outdoor Shoot – Bryan & Angie

While it has somehow become the de-facto norm for wedding couples to take pre-wedding photos, Angie and Bryan were the more adventurous type. It was really a joy working with them and the friendly photographer as well, contrary to popular belief that videographers will hinder the photo shoot session.  I had great fun, and am looking forward to the next one.