3D Montages a growing trend

Looking for something unique and new in your wedding? Lighthouse Studio introduces 3D montages (no goggles required). We were growing tired with the typical photo slideshows aka powerpoint style, with their cliche transitions. After a while, one looses attention to the photo slideshow pretty fast. Why not make something great to watch and still base it on photos? We decided to bring “life” to photos enabling them to interact with one another. It’s a WOW factor to most who have seen it. Check it out.

A Cartoon that says it all

An animated montage that we put together for Chin Soon & Rebecca. When Rebecca told me how they ended up getting married, i thought their story was so sweet, and that is something that happens only in the movies. Check it out!

Rebecca: Thanks mingsong & the team for the fantastic work! the montage is done in such a cute & sweet way (as our fren commented ;)) u really paid attention to details (e.g. the characters well captured our features), and it was done in such a short time!! very impressed.. keep up with the great job! ♥♥

Cartoon Montage of Guixiang & Gloria

This is a long overdue post. Had been quite a busy season, where we try our very best to deliver as many videos as we possibly can, before CNY so that during the season of family gathering, our couples may share memories of their special day with their loved ones.

Guixiang & Gloria

Cartoon Cariature of Guixiang & Gloria

Back to the story of the montage for Guixiang & Gloria; our inspiration for new types of montage or for new ways to present our work come from many places. But most of the time, its our couples who challenge us to think out of the box, to do something different and special for them. We were really motivated by Guixiang and Gloria when they presented us with this idea of theirs. The groom had taken much effort to type out their love story … the many tactics he used, and how he finally persevered to win Gloria’s heart with 4 important items. Special mention must also go to a good friend of Guixiang and Gloria; Winnie did a great job drawing out the cute tooney characters in preparation for the montage; we decided to add  some colors to the characters to bring out the cheery and happy mood of their love story.

Winnie did a great job with the cartoon drawing

Winnie did a great job with the cartoon drawing

We added some color to bring the cartoon alive!

We added some color to bring the cartoon alive!

The 4 items that Guixiang used to win Gloria's heart

The 4 items that Guixiang used to win Gloria’s heart

[if you are interested to view the cartoon montage Lighthousestudio produced for the couple, contact us for access.]