Wedding season starts again! Tze Yong & Shea Li

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After a short break away from wedding videos, the season has started again. Tze Yong & Shea Li is celebrating their wedding day on the first day of the 8th lunar month. The best thing about filming wedding videos is when you get to be with the family, and feel their warmth and strong ties on their joyous occassion. More so when I was also the wedding videographer of Tze Yong’s sister just a few months back. Can really feel the close knit ties of the family.

Tze Yong went to great effort to prepare for the fetching of his bride and made it really memorable. The giant billboards declared Tze Yong’s love for Shea Li. I guess that would have taken him tremendous efforts and several sleepless nights rushing this artwork. The students of Shea Li were also very sweet, and prepared a BIG gift for their favourite teacher.

The sky was extremely kind to them as well. Just as we were heading to the City from Sembawang area, it was raining all the way when we travelled, but when we reached the old Supreme Court to for the outdoor shoot, the sky was clear. Look at how William made them stand at the edge of the building so dangerously. Shea Li must be holding on to Tze Yong tightly.

Anyway, I think I am rattling really too much, I hope the video have almost completed loading, and you can start viewing it now.

Just playing around with

Gifts from students to the bride

it doesn't look quite the same from up there

bride & groom holding on tightly on the edge