Another new 3D Wedding Montage for Vivien & Tze Shern

Apologies that we have not been keeping pace with our updating of the blog. It had been a really busy month for January, many concurrent projects and never ending datelines to meet. In spite of that, we made time and had to pull off a super rushed 3D wedding montage for Tze Shern & Vivien, with less than a week to complete. My sincere thanks to the couple for entrusting all of themselves to us, having full confidence in our work, and never asking to view the montage before the wedding. The reality is we only managed to complete the montage only the day before their big day on 22-May.

Hope you guys enjoy the latest of our works, their wedding video and many other recent productions will be up real soon. Click to join  Lighthousestudio Facebook group to be kept updated of the latest news and we hope to have you back with us soon!

Irene & Sze Whay – you made my day!! Thank You!!

A BIG THANK YOU to Irene & Sze Whay for the nice looking thank you card, and your thoughtful message in the card.


The card even has a furry texture, I think it can’t be really seen from my scanned picture. I like the card alot!

Thanks for your compliments on the work we do, its really these little things that keeps us going, and motivating us to keep making memorable videos for you and your family to view again and again.

The nice and romantic Korean love song (“Marry Me”) that you requested to be used for your 3D montage  had such a lovely tune, that really mesmerizes people. Although I don’t quite understand the lyrics, the beautiful melody is really apt for a wedding celebration, and for the montage.

I hope you will enjoy the 3D montage as much as we have put in our effort in doing this well. Congrats to Sze Whay & Irene, and thanks for working closely with us, and being patient with us in our revision of the draft till this final version.

3D Wedding Montage – Shiuen Ang & Yee Leng

We have been swarmed with numerous projects in November and December, and quite a few in January as well. But we still made time to do one favourite type of production that our clients love us for. The 3D wedding montage style is truly an interesting way to share your childhood and bridal photos with your guests. We painstakingly craft out the subject and blend in with your background in a 3D approach to create an impressive presentation to wow your guests while reliving all the beautiful memories of the past.

Our 3D montage includes the following:

– Scanning of up to 40 photos (includes photo touch up and editing as required)
– Processing of all photos in preparation for 3D style
– Motion graphics design with appropriate frames, images, background
– 1 DVD for actual day montage playing (generic design)
– 2 sets of fully designed DVD cover / label with DVD menu – delivered approx 2-3 weeks after wedding day
– Return all scanned images in CD-Rom

Shiuen Ang & Yee Leng shared with us the many interesting places that they have been to, through their photos, making me yearn to take a good break and go away to see those attractive sceneries and destinations. It was also a journey back for me into my childhood as well, as familiar places cropped up in photos after photos, some of them no longer seen these days. Thank you Shiuen Ang and Yee Leng for giving us the opportunity to showcase our 3D style montage yet again, as an impressive way to take a walk back memory lane in 3D style. Congrats to you guys, and lets keep in touch!

Kenneth & Angie – 3D childhood montage & wedding highlights

As I am typing right now today, Kenneth & Angie will be having their 2nd round of wedding banquet in Hong Kong, where Kenneth’s family are based in. The gang of brothers and friends are all specially flown in from all over the world, from places like Hong Kong, Bahrain and South America to join in the celebrations of Kenneth & Angie’s love for each other.

As we all know, the game of gate crashing originates from Hong Kong and the Cantonese traditions. I was eager to find out how the elite Hong Kong brothers will overcome the barriers set forth by the sister gang; they truly did not disappoint. Such are the stuff that makes wedding video fun and memorable.

Following the popular demand of the 3D childhood montage, we did a childhood montage of Kenneth & Angie in a 3D style as well. View for yourself why a 3D montage will create a different experience for you and your guests as they relive your childhood photos.

3D style montage for Terence & Iris

Terence & Iris gave us total creative freedom and freeplay in doing up their childhood montage. We decided to create something different to wow them and the guests with our new 3D PHOTO MONTAGE!

The dynamic feel of this new style of 3D photo montage, elaborate treatment to your photos to turn your love story into something truly special and unique. As usual, let the video speak for itself.