Wedding Highlights of Wilson & Kaiting

This was yet another couple that got together from the days our our hostel living in NTU Hall 5. For those who have been following our blog, Eric & Candy, as well as Tevin & Jas were the few other couples that Lighthouse Studio had the privilege to help record their wedding celebrations. We all heard this couple got to know each other better, thanks to the Inter-Hall Games of DARTS. Thus it was quite fitting that Wilson had to “shoot” his way through to win his bride. Here’s some video screen grabs for you to get a quick preview of whats in the video.

Wilson has his turn!

Wilson has his turn at Pinching his Bride!

This is the TARGET!

Sisters to the Groom: “This is the TARGET!”

The groom taking aim

The groom taking aim

Check out the expression of the sister while the Groom takes aim

Check out the expression of the sister while the groom takes aim

During the dinner banquet, the talented Wilson Fu (younger brother of the bride) also performed an excellent rendition of Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours…. by the way, the bride’s younger brother is also called Wilson. So today on the 11-July-2009, the Fu family also welcomed Wilson Tham as the son-in-law of the family.

Wilson Fu - the star performer of the night!

Wilson Fu – the star performer of the night!


Wilson enjoying the moments on stage

The groom Wilson and the bride Kaiting gives a rousing applause

The groom Wilson and the bride Kaiting gives a rousing applause

"I never knew my brother could sing that well!"

“I never knew my brother could sing that well!”

Wilson has a little fan giving him flowers

Wilson has a little fan giving him flowers

"Can I be like him when i grow up?"

“Can I be like you when i grow up?”

Our best reward for us is to see those smiling faces of the banquet guests when the highlights video is being played. For Wilson & Kaiting, they took up my suggestion to arrange the video to be shown while they are in the ballroom to enjoy the show as well. Check out the groom’s expression in the centre of the collage picture while the bride is happily laughing away.

Faces of Expression while watching the express video highlights

Faces of Expression while watching the express video highlights.

We also did up their childhood photo montage in our signature 3D style. Hope you enjoy the pics and the clips, and do keep coming back for more.

Church Wedding of Choon Hock & Yin Yin


We love challenges. Many of you would have been familiar with the way we pull through our ROM-express, showcasing our couple’s solemnization happening in the same evening during the wedding banquet in less than 2 hours. This time round, for the wedding of Choon Hock & Yin Yin, we helped them to share with their guests the touching moments of their union in the House of the Lord.

There was never a moment the bride did not smile, her radiant glow can simply be seen by all, and more so in every single scene of the video. The usually straight faced Choon Hock lighted up the moment he saw his lovely bride walked into the sanctuary.

Choon Hock & Yin Yin, thank you for entrusting our Lighthouse Studio team to capture memories of your most important day. We had fun, we were pressured, we delivered the super express highlights in time to be shown during the banquet. Congratulations!

Wedding of Melvin & Francisca

I remember the first meeting with Melvin & Francisca in our studio. In planning for their special big day, they were clear on documenting their celebrations and especially placing emphasis of their holy matrimony at the church.

Fast forward to their wedding day on 1-May-2009. You could sense their sweetness for each other in those little things they do. They instinctively kissed each other as they walked out from their ceremonial church wedding, and ready to begin their life as man and wife.

Father Joseph Tan who presided over their wedding and gave them his blessings and also some important words of advice:

“This is My commandment: ‘Love one another as I have loved you'”

John 15:12

Congrats to Melvin & Francisca, it was a joy to document your wedding, and sharing the happiness of your celebrations as you say “I do”.

FM972 Radio Calls In to Congratulate Melvin & Francisca

The relatives of Francisca were really thoughtful, and prepared a brilliant surprise for her and Melvin. Being ardent supporters of FM972, Uncle Chua Boon Seng, Aunt Siew Gek, Siew Hiang all sent their congratulatory note to the couple live on-air through the DJ Chen Jian Bing.

Wedding Video of Daniel & Elsie


[if you are interested to view the video highlights Lighthousestudio produced for the couple, please email to request for access]

We have yet pulled off another ROM-Express video highlights with our on-site editing for the wedding of Daniel & Elsie. This video is one of our recent favourites, with so many amazing & charming people and beautiful things to top it off. I especially liked the way Daniel & Elsie looked at each other during their vows, reflecting the solemn and serious manner they commit to each other.

There was no lack of fun and hilarious scenes typical of the videos we present. Look out for Daniel and his gang of brothers who pulled off tricks and effort to win the bride’s heart. All these moments were of course seen by the bride “live” in her room with our signature LiveView!Gatecrashing.

The closing quote by the solemnizer brings us golden words of advise for a lasting marriage.  “Success in marriage is not about finding the right partner, but rather its being the RIGHT partner.” Daniel & Elsie, may you be the RIGHT partner and enjoy a lifetime of marital bliss with each other.

Wedding Movie Trailer – Eric & Evelyn

I guess we haven’t been updating the blog for sometime. Been terribly busy with alot of stuff. We have been busy with our edits, lotsa of them in fact. I really hope that we are able to deliver the wedding videos that our couples have been eagerly waiting for earlier than what we are managing now. But I guess we’d rather spend time to make a memorable piece of work that our couples can take with them and view over and over again.

As I tell all of my clients, you aren’t purchasing a video for now;  the video is for later on in life as well, when you can show (see and hear) your children how you were like on your wedding day. The true value of a wedding video is revealed when it becomes re-watchable even years after the wedding; hear the shouting of the groom when he’s fighting to win his bride, the moments the couple walks down the aisle and those intimate moments you share on that beautiful day.

Our wedding feature movie helps you preserve and relive those memories with a 30 minutes presentation, full of exciting and memorable moments. As the full video is too long to be shared, the trailer movie of Eric & Evelyn is showcased. We hope you will enjoy this refreshing form of edit.

Church Wedding of Kenny & Daisy

[if you are interested to view the video highlights Lighthouse Studio produced for the couple, please contact us for access]

What a way to celebrate the 2009 new year with 2 beautiful individuals, capturing their emotions, the sacredness, and their journey today coming together as one in God’s presence. The beautiful setting and decorations at the Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary with lotsa daisy flowers accompanied this couple on their day of celebrations.

With our 2-camera team and a third overhead camera at the balcony, we were able to film down the special moments of the church wedding of the couple and their loved ones who accompanied them on this journey today. The way the couple looked at each other during the service, shows their adoration of each other. The sweet smile of the bride, the eagerness of the groom plants a deep impression upon me. Thank you for being our first wedding couple of the new year, Congrats Kenny & Daisy!

Wedding of Tevin & Jas

[Please contact us for the password to view the video, and we wish to meet up with you to discuss through how we can be of service to you!]

Its been a while since I last updated my blog. Have been terribly tied up with projects after projects. But I am back, to serve out our latest once again and to share the wedding videos we do with you out there.

Tevin & Jas had double the action on their wedding day, with a 2 camera team to film their wedding video. The sisters were all really well prepared with quite some innovative games to test Tevin and his gang of brothers their worth before getting the chance to fetch away the bride.

I guess Jas really felt a part of the action with our Live View Gatecrashing and even gave instructions from the room to the enthusiastic groom and his groomsmen. They even did a wonderful rendition of the famous dance move by Aaron Kwok (any one of you can guess what it is already??)

It was really fun and enjoyable to be your wedding videographer. Here’s wishing you a wonderful beginning, and love to last a lifetime! Congrats!