The Italian Job

Italy comes to Singapore as Eugenio and Georgina tie the knot. It was hilarious to see Eugenio and his multi ethnic band of brothers gate crash Georgina’s house. This was especially so after the sisters made the groom’s men eat the much dreaded DURIANS. Nonetheless, Eugenio and his groomsman gamely ate the king of fruits. It was really fun to film them on the outdoor shoot as the cameras really loved them. Beautiful day, gorgeous couple and great wedding video. L’amore è nell’aria.

The Median Nerve of My Arm

We had a fun time filming the wedding video for Minsen and Huiying. The courageous Mingsen went through the gauntlet of games thrown at him. From dancing with feather boas to singing to the love of his life, Minsen was not thrown off.

The clink in Minsen’s amour was his skill in playing scissors paper stone. To the chagrin of his brothers, each time Minsen lost, they had to do a forfeit. Not to be outdone, the quick-witted Minsen composed an inspired poem for his muse, Huiying, thereby gaining access to her room.

Have a loving and fun-filled time together, Minsen and Huiying. May your relationship together be one of passion and discovery.

Wedding Video of Sze Chun & Anni

The proposal, keys to a new home and professions of love, there’s so much to tell about the relationship between Sze Chun and Anni.

We knew we wanted to tell a story. When Sze Chun and Anni brought pictures of their proposal to us and told us they were getting their keys to their brand new flat on the same day as the wedding, we knew we could craft a story within their wedding highlights video.

We really loved the emotive aspects of the video. Apart from what they said, you could really tell from their voices the depth of their love for each other. Thank you Sze Chun and Anni for trusting us to craft this video.

Professional groomsman for hire. Will work for grass & wasabi.

We’ve filmed most of this tight group of friends and Jacky & Shin Wee are like the 6th couple maybe 7th … i think I’ve lost count. It was sheer fun documenting the big day of this group of buddies, who have known each other since their Boys Brigade and Girl’s Brigade days.

Always full of fun, laughter and craziness … haha, its a joy to partake in your big day. And ya, in case any grooms out there are looking for the perfect bunch of buddies to star in your video, look no further!

The groom throws the bouquet too

Same Street, Same Block, Same Unit. Why do I get a sense of Deja Vu? It wasn’t too long ago when we were filming Yuan Yuan sister’s wedding. Now here we are filming the fantastic Yuan Yuan and Zhi Zhong! They both have such a zest for life that made it so enjoyable to film them. Mix in a fun loving group of brothers and sisters and you have a great wedding! May you guys enjoy and grow to love each other more in this new stage of your lives!


Our hero, David, dressed for the occasion, arrives to fetch his beautiful maiden, Olivia. Enjoy the gate crash, Hong Kong style.

The joyous and fun atmosphere was infectious and we really had to try very hard not to laugh. During the dinner banquet, the guests were treated to Lighthouse Studio’s unique 3D montage. Still images from the past were animated, bringing back nostalgic memories. It was a pleasure filming you guys. All the best!

Lighthouse goes Live View for Wedding Banquets – wedding of Eugene & Chia Chia

We were eagerly anticipating the wedding celebration of Eugene & Chia Chia. It has been a blessing for us to witness the wedding of Eugene and Chia Chia. The fun filled duo contacted us the very next day after watching one of our express videos during her friend’s wedding (Wee Lee & Pei Yi).

Eugene also planned out an exciting proposal which we edited to share their story. For the record, he proposed in front of a few thousand people. To know more about them and their “Whirlwind Romance” as well as their touching proposal, check out the proposal video segment below.

On their wedding day, Eugene’s band of brothers gamely laid on the tarmac road with their “Armani Suits” . Many residents were definitely impressed with Eugene’s proclamation of love to Chia Chia. During the dinner banquet, Eugene and Chia Chia’s guests were able to catch glimpses of them as they prepared to enter the banquet hall. This was made possible because of the wireless live feed for the dinner banquet. However, we have been sworn to secrecy and thus won’t show the intro video to their march in. All we can say is that, “Eugene, you look really chio!”

Church and Wedding Highlights Video

[in compliance to recent music copyright rules, please email us at for the password to watch the video. if you find difficulty loading the video, check out our FAQ for a possible solution]

Love Story & The Proposal

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Iain & Claudia – union of Knight & Princess

Its been a while since we last posted something on the blog. Been caught up with many things, one of them being the copyright music in wedding videography that we are all concerned about. Kudos to RIPS for showing leadership and decisiveness in striking a balance between the music companies they represent and common people like us. Visit for detailed info.

No details was spared in the preparation of their wedding in bringing out the theme of the Knight and Princess and their fairytale wedding. No efforts were spared by both the groom and bride to make each other the most important person and the happiest for the day and beyond.

As the gang of brothers “prepared for glory” in gungho style, its the artwork and the innate singing talent within Iain that melted that heart of his beloved Princess. Hardly have I seen my buddy sing before, thus I have specially cut out a short segment of his entire singing. Check out also his self-made card, lovely delicate art work.

[if you find difficulty loading the video and you are on Singnet/MIO internet, please visit our FAQ for a possible solution]

The rest of the actions were even more hilarious and fun, specially since we have a team of warriors in battle with the groom, ever ready to take on any types of challenges that comes their way. Check out the freshly brewed express highlights incorporating their same-day solemnization ceremony.

[please request from the couple or from us to obtain access to view the password-protected private video]

Wedding Video of Jimmy & Yu Yen

Today is exactly the 1st month anniversary of our lovely couple, Jimmy & Yu Yen … what a way to help them celebrate by bringing on their memories of that special day again.

On their wedding day, we were re-united with our long lost sibling at Lighthouse Evangelism Church, where many guests were asking if we were affiliated. Thanks to Jimmy and Yu Yen for bringing us back to be “re-united”. Just to set the record straight, we are not affiliated in any way, just hope that one day Lighthouse Studio will be able to base ourselves in such a big building as our “sibling”.

I think these few photos below will give you a clue of the personality of the couple; quite fun-loving and spontaneous, so the smiles and the laughters came about so naturally that makes it a joy to capture those timeless expression.

Besides our video crew, we had a guest appearance by one of our photographer friend, Simon Lee who helped us along. Some shots that you can see in the video were done with his Canon DSLR in video mode. We had a few new toys in action for their wedding day as well. Any folks can give a guess what’s those?

To Jimmy and Yu Yen, it had been a great joy partaking in your wedding celebrations. Makes every sweat drip worth it … but I think Jimmy perspired more than me that day. :p

Church Wedding of Kenneth & Jolin


We are really having difficulty to keep up with the updates on the entries on our blog with the videos that we do for our clients. We will be attempting to post out all the recent videos we have done through the months of May, June and now July. I shall kick start our “backlog” again with the beautiful wedding of Kenneth & Jolin which happened on 6-June this year.

There is just that something about Church Weddings that just brings out that sacredness in the celebration of marriage. Kenneth & Jolin certainly expressed their joy and happiness on their wedding day. We will try to grab a few screen frames and share with you soon. Meanwhile, please enjoy the video.

The couple also maintains a wedding blog, you may wish to visit their site to see how they have prepared for their wedding.