Jeremy & Mandy

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The wedding of Jeremy & Mandy. Only one word to describe. SPECTACULAR. Maybe I can add the word FANTASTIC. But one word that sums up for me, my team and all guests, hosts and the couple, MEMORABLE.

In the morning during the gatecrashing, the brudders were really game on, and took all that the sisters threw at them and played them to their fullest. We even had a love affair between a German and a French the very morning.

The wedding video captured their touching moments, especially while they were reciting their vows with the beautiful sunset in the background. All these were captured in the video and edited into the express highlights shown at night. Lighthousestudio is the only wedding videographer with solemnization express services, allowing the couple to relive the moments of their vows and for their guests to re-witness their promises to each other.

The wedding of Jeremy & Mandy was simply beautiful, full of touching moments but never short of amusing and hilarious acts by Jeremy and his band of brudders. Kudos too for the sisters for preparing such a treat for them. More screen frames for you in a few days time, meanwhile enjoy the wedding video.

Jeremy&Mandy_solemnisation Jeremy&Mandy_firstmarchinJeremy&Mandy_watchhighlights

Jeremy&Mandy_MGS_Girls1 Jeremy&Mandy_MGSGirls2

[updated on 10-Dec-08 with screen grabs]

The couple had a fun filled evening as well. The sunset view of Sentosa Beaufort was simply enchanting, a suitable setting for Jeremy & Mandy’s promise of vows to each other. I have strongly encouraged my couples to arrange in the evening program in such a way they can view the video highlights we have prepared for them and the guests. The way Jeremy & Mandy enjoyed it bears testimony to why I will continue to persuade couples to try to arrange to view the wedding video highlights on the same evening together with the guests. Close friends of Mandy, the MGS Girls also performed with their innovative skit song. I realise I have a really long blog posting for Jeremy & Mandy, congrats once again, your wedding was really beautiful and memorable, and I wish you both a lifetime of marital bliss. I am glad to have played a small part in your life.

Wedding Highlights of Roy & Karrin

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Wedding of Roy & Karrin on 29 November 2008

It has been a busy season, and we have been kept quite busy ever since September. I guess this is a happy problem, and sincere apologies to my beloved clients eagerly awaiting the full edit of your wedding video. We are keeping our work on it, and would want to present the best to you, instead of a rushed out work, simply to deliver and not using our best efforts in editing it. Please do bear with us, and allow us a little more forebearance in patiently awaiting for the final edit.

Back to Roy & Karrin’s wedding; ingredients for an interesting showdown between the sister gang and the brother gang, with quite a few innovative games inspired from Outward Bound School. Some intellectual games were part of the order too, check out what the wedding video has in store. Got some interesting screen grab, will add them in soon too! Meanwhile, stay tuned!! This is the season … been having back to back shoots, so lotsa of materials to update too….

Teck Hwee & Wen Yee

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Teck Hwee must have broken a few records along the way to win his bride, Wen Yee. He did his first ever Mr Bean dance in his life and tasted some special magical concoction.

Their whole church wedding seemed to be taken out from tv series. The dashing groom in his crisp white uniform, together with his fellow sword bearers, and the cute flower girls and paige boy accompanying the charming bride, with her trailing long gown. I think this is one scene that makes every girl wishing to have a church like wedding. Simply beautiful and elegant.

Enjoy the wedding video of Teck Hwee & Wen Yee.




Kenneth & Angie – 3D childhood montage & wedding highlights

As I am typing right now today, Kenneth & Angie will be having their 2nd round of wedding banquet in Hong Kong, where Kenneth’s family are based in. The gang of brothers and friends are all specially flown in from all over the world, from places like Hong Kong, Bahrain and South America to join in the celebrations of Kenneth & Angie’s love for each other.

As we all know, the game of gate crashing originates from Hong Kong and the Cantonese traditions. I was eager to find out how the elite Hong Kong brothers will overcome the barriers set forth by the sister gang; they truly did not disappoint. Such are the stuff that makes wedding video fun and memorable.

Following the popular demand of the 3D childhood montage, we did a childhood montage of Kenneth & Angie in a 3D style as well. View for yourself why a 3D montage will create a different experience for you and your guests as they relive your childhood photos.

Beng Hoe & Hsiao Wei

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Beng Hoe & Hsiao Wei, the groom and the bride … they are simply way cool. The way they enjoyed themselves throughout their wedding day and dinner, one can simply sense that they are so popular among their friends and family … and lotsa genuine care and love floated around. The way Hsiao Wei smiled was simply infectious … she certainly oozes true happiness from deep within. Family and friends really put in all their best to decorate up the place with lotsa lovely roses and flowers. Check out the part when Beng Hoe pulls out all his linguistic skills ever … to proclaim his love in 10 languages. Simply fun, touching and loving moments, check out the express highlights wedding video

Wedding of Henry & Kwai Fong

Every individual weddings is always special. Even though I have done over a hundred the last 4 years, each day still bring special feelings. Please click play on the video screen below and let it load and buffer before you hear the rest of my rumblings.

Please contact us for the password to view the video, and we wish to meet up with you to discuss through how we can be of service to you!

Kwai Fong is an exceptional bride, she was simply cool the whole day through … no jittery feelings and her laughters were from deep within.

The brudders had excellent performance that day as well. Catch them in full action in the video, but here’s just a glimpse for those who want a quick peep.

Morning PT session for the brothers

Special Performance by the groom, Henry during gate crashing

It was for the first time we included the ROM solemnization held at 6.30pm footage into the express highlights played during the dinner. A challenge, but the excellent coordination by the brothers, especially Junxiong and my chief editor made it possible.