Solemnization of Grey & Maria

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Those simple words “In token and pledge, of our constant faith, and our binding love, with this ring, I marry you”  can be said within a minute, but these are the very words which any couple set forth their promise to be together for life.

Grey and Maria had a simple yet meaningful ceremony celebrating their union with their family and close friends on Valentines Day of 2009. Even though the Grey and Maria come from different countries, their love knows no boundaries. From the way they play the piano together, the way they look at each other and their embrace, we know that they will fulfil the wishes from their family and friends; A Happy Marriage, A Lasting Union and to be Parents soon!!

I hope this video can also let the family and friends and bride back in her country know that she is well taken care of by the dependable husband, Grey. I wish you both an eternal life of bliss and live by the lyrics of the song “I wanna grow old with you.”

Church Wedding of Ben & Jeannie

[if you are interested to view the video highlights Lighthousestudio produced for the couple, please contact us to request for access]

a few days before the wedding of Ben & Jeannie, i got an sms from the bride-to-be.

This is Jeannie-bride on this Sat. Just to pre-empt u that I’ll be sing9 a surprise song after our thank you speech at church for Ben. Ben doesn’t know about it. Please keep it to yourself. Thanks!

Separately, I received a call from the groom-to-be, Ben that he will be presenting a surprise item  for the bride, during the dinner banquet. Its indeed really touching to see 2 individuals going the extra extra mile to make their other half surprisingly happy on their special big day.

There are just so many beautiful things to mention about this wedding. The custom designed wedding invites, the innovative wedding favors, the balloon decorations and wishing cards.  I guess I could just go on and on about their really memorable wedding, but let their wedding video do the honour in showing you the happenings of the day, while i quickly get back to work and dish out the next project soonest.

…more stuff to be updated soon, please watch this space!

Wedding of Zeph & Alexis on 14-Feb-09, Valentine’s Day

[if you are interested to view the video highlights Lighthouse Studio produced for the couple, please contact us request for access]

What happens when you bring a beautiful lady and a handsome young man together? Add to that each with their special talents in craft, design, singing, basketball … and there’s so much more to this lovely couple – Zeph & Alexis.

I celebrated my Valentine’s day this year with this gorgeous couple. Believe it or not, the talented bride Alexis co-designed the outfit for her special day, matching it together with her lovely handmade wirecraft accessories (did I get the correct description for this?). Her make-up artist, Emerald not only did made the already pretty bride look gorgeous, but also designed the solemnisation gown, and the unique butterfly wedding gown and the 2 evening gowns together with the bride. We rarely get to see the groom being dolled up, especially for the tea ceremony, but the groom was dressed in a traditional costume with matching cheongsam that the bride wore as well.

The groom certainly wowed the whole crowd singing his special number at Grand Plaza Park Royal Hotel during the wedding banquet. His rendition of Andy Lau’s famous number 你是我一生最大的骄傲 certainly blew me away. I think i almost forgot to carry on filming the lovely couple.

Their wedding was nothing short of pretty faces, beautiful setting …. i loved the setup for their solemnization as well. Just a pity that it seemed to last so short. Oh ya, did I forget to say that they had a gorgeous bridal car as well; where we could easily hear from streets away.

There are just too many beautiful things to mention about this couple. Really miss their wedding alot. Indeed was a beautiful Valentine’s day with them. Meanwhile, check out the wedding video we prepared for Alexis & Zeph to remember such an important day of their lives.

For those interested in a unique jewellery collection and special gown design especially for your big day, please visit Emerald & Ivory online at Artiris. I last heard that the talented bride Alexis will soon be part of this wonderful and creative team.

Solemnization at One Rochester Park – Eric & Grace

Location: One Rochester
Photographer: Tan Kian Teck, Kingston
Videographer: Mingsong, Genevieve

Eric & Grace had their solemnization at One Rochester Park on 28-Dec-2008. The ambience and setting at the place was lovely, one of the nicest and romantic place that I have seen. I especially love the red dress that Grace wore, elaborate yet classy. I could see the couple really enjoying themselves amongst their close friends, having chosen an intimate setting to celebrate their love with each other. Kian Teck has put together a photo slideshow especially for Grace & Eric. We will share some touching moments of the couple through the video soon.

Wedding Highlights of Roy & Karrin

[if you are interested to view the wedding highlights Lighthousestudio produced for the couple, please contact us to request for access]

updated the video of  Roy & Karrin with their solemnization & dinner banquet at Hyatt Hotel.

Check out the original post here.

Wedding Pictures of Jeremy & Mandy

J & M, Jeremy & Mandy; simply meant to be together - even the keyboard says so

Just like to share with you some of the photographs taken by Maisie on the wedding of Jeremy & Mandy. Maisie was the 2nd photographer for the day, busy going around taking very interesting photos to document the day of the couple’s wedding. Maisie has this natural flair for very creative and interesting angles, and is able to present the same scene in an attractive manner. If you like what you see here, check out more of Maisie’s photos on her multiply blog

Beautiful Sunset Solemnization at Beaufort, The Sentosa

Wedding & Solemnization Video of Ngee Hui & Eva on 3-Jan-2009

[if you are interested to view the video highlights Lighthouse Studio produced for the couple, please contact us to request for access]

The wedding of Ngee Hui & Eva taught me yet another important lesson on weddings and marriage. The union of 2 person is not simply about 2 individuals, its about a “merger” of 2 families, each with its set of customs, traditions and habits. Ngee Hui did well to do his best in reciting his promises to Eva in a language foreign to him, but because its Eva’s family dialect he never gave up trying for his loved one and his new family.

Solemnization is a rite of marriage, where the couple is legally recognized as partners for life. Ngee Hui & Eva had a beautiful setting and location for their solemnization;  the windy beachside ceremony took us away from the bustling of our little island city, to give us time to admire the sunset while witnessing the joy of the couple in their union. The lighthousestudio team took on the challenge yet again to present these beautiful scenes to share with the rest of the banquet guests who were not able to partake in the ceremony with our on-site Solemnization Express.

Ngee Hui & Eva, congrats once again and entrusting us with the task of eternalizing your wedding memories, especially with such beautiful setting. I hope you will enjoy the wedding video we have prepared.

ngeehui&eva_1 ngeehui&eva_2ngeehui&eva_3



Church Wedding of Kenny & Daisy

[if you are interested to view the video highlights Lighthouse Studio produced for the couple, please contact us for access]

What a way to celebrate the 2009 new year with 2 beautiful individuals, capturing their emotions, the sacredness, and their journey today coming together as one in God’s presence. The beautiful setting and decorations at the Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary with lotsa daisy flowers accompanied this couple on their day of celebrations.

With our 2-camera team and a third overhead camera at the balcony, we were able to film down the special moments of the church wedding of the couple and their loved ones who accompanied them on this journey today. The way the couple looked at each other during the service, shows their adoration of each other. The sweet smile of the bride, the eagerness of the groom plants a deep impression upon me. Thank you for being our first wedding couple of the new year, Congrats Kenny & Daisy!

Joe & Xingyan

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Enjoy the wedding video of Joe & Xingyan. Joe and his band of brothers had planned several tricks up their sleeve to negotiate with the sisters with the least resources for the maximum results. Check out in the video what’s the outcome of their negotiations. Throughout the wedding day, Joe never fails to bring life and laughter to those around him, from the gatecrashing, to the moments of his declaration of love to Xingyan. I have no doubt that his lively nature will always brighten up the day for his wife and everyone else who knows him.

Lighthousestudio was again out in full force to deliver a truly memorable and challenging express solemnisation video for our Joe & Xingyan. I would like to leave you to view the video for now. Shall be right back to update on the rest of their memorable wedding day.

Jianxiong & Siew Teng

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Jianxiong & Siew Teng are not your typical couple; fun, adventurous and simply entertaining  the rest of the bridal party throughout the day. Friends of the couple are naturally of the same genre and all were equally hilarious especially during the gatecrashing session. The bride Siew Teng was able to catch all the action live from her room,

We had many firsts during the wedding shoot for Jianxiong & Siew Teng. Check out the interesting places we went during the outdoor shoot in their wedding video. The couple roughed it out in the dilipidated houses near the Seletar compound, had a few shots with planes, we even went to Orchid Country Club for a bowl.



Jianxiong & Siew Teng took up our solemnization express service. Our team went on-site for the filming and editing of their solemnization to incorporate their loving moments during the vow taking to share with all the rest of the guests who might be unable to join them. The jubilant look on the couple tells us all their joy in their union.

Jianxiong made the evening more eventful by singing unplugged for his lovely bride, for their 2nd march in. The ballad 就是爱你 touched the hearts of all in the dinner banquet, but really moved Siew Teng to tears. In my years of filming weddings, it is really the first time that I see a groom shed tears of joy. Everyone could sense the couple’s love for each other, and I am glad that this video will stand testament to your celebration of love, for you in the future, and especially for your kids to hear the voice that sang as the bride walks down the aisle rejoicing the union of Jianxiong & Siew Teng. Congrats!