1. How much time is needed to craft our 3D montage?

3D montages are unique to each couple and are customised. We usually need 2-3 months before the wedding to give them the “bells and whistles”.

2.What kind of equipment do you use for your filming?

We¬†definitely¬†use the top of the line tools of the trade etc DSLRs and such. However, we are of the opnion that our filmmakers’ creative composition of the shots and angles are far more important than his tools.

3. What is the time frame before we receive our Wedding DVD?

We usually take about 3 months from the day of the wedding to polish up and edit the wedding documentary and highlights.Raw footages are really unwatchable so we take great pains to edit your wedding to a documentary style for everyone to enjoy.

4. How much investment are we looking at for a Lighthouse Studio experience?

Our packages requires an investment that starts from $2,500.

5. Could you include my solenmisation at 6pm into my morning express video?

No problem. We have done it many times.

6. My question isn’t here, how do I contact you?

Drop us an email and we can answer all your inquries. You can reach us, here.