We won an AWARD!

Earlier this year, we entered one of our Love Story short films into an International WEVA film competition (Wedding and Events Videographer Association). We are happy to say we were one of the finalists!!! Many thanks to our dedicated crew who storyboarded, directed and edited this short film. Most of all, thank you Joshua and Kathleen for being so game and enthusiastic in this production.

And here is the winning entry,

$200 off 3D Montages!

Lighthouse Studio brings you our unique 3D Montage. You can now do away with the typical photo slideshow with a 3D animated one as we transform static pictures to dynamic motion productions. Suitable for wowing your guests at the dinner. Here’s an example,

From now till February 2011, we’re having a promotion and giving it away with a $200 discount if you’re fan of Lighthouse Studio Facebook page. What’s more, the 3D Montage is 50% off if you sign up for our wedding packages.* Wanna have the 3D montage? Here’s how,

-Join us @ Facebook
-Email us at 3dmontage@lighthousestudio.sg with your Facebook profile name and wedding date.

Free Wedding Photo Montage with Actual Day Videography Package

Answer some simple questions regarding our recent wedding trailer correctly and be entitled to a free wedding childhood montage service FREE! from us. Limited to the first 20 couples that sign up with a deposit by 31-March-2010. Interested couples are encouraged to send in your enquiry email with the date of your wedding and the correct answer to the following questions.

Question 1: How many couples were featured in the trailer?

Question 2: What is the name of the church being featured at time 0:54? (you may be able to find out the answer from our blog archives)

Lighthouse Studio Trailer (year in recap 2009)

Thank you to all for walking with us in the journey and entrusting us in producing your wedding videos, and externalizing the memories of your celebration of love. Would like to share some of the scenes that we had captured the past year that was put together in a short recap trailer. For those who’s clips were not showcased in the trailer, its only because its not immediately available at the time of edit (did you hear it, Mr Neo?)

We are Hiring!


sorry for the long lapse in updating our blog with the latest post. We have been up till our neck in filming, post-production and meeting clients that we really need some help and some new fresh blood to join our team. If you know someone who has the passion, enthusiasm and possess some skills relating to video editing, especially with Adobe Premiere and After Effects, we would be keen to talk to them.

Candidates are encouraged to send your resume and a cover letter together with a showreel demonstrating some of the work they have done. Email to joinus@lighthousestudio.sg with these details:

Name: Gender:
Contact No.:
Expected Salary:

We regret that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. *This is a full time position for Singaporeans or PRs only.

We are Featured on Her World Brides June 2009!

Super excited! Her World Brides decided to feature us in their June issue. Was apprehensive when they told us they might choose a few of the ones they interview to be featured. Well, for those who have been following our blog for sometime, you would have already known some of the things we are pretty well-known for, like Live View Gatecrashing and 3D montage to share with more people. 

Thanks also to the couple who was featured in the magazine for allowing us to share some of their special moments, and thanks to Maisie for doing such a great job on the photography. 


The Behind the Scenes of Thomas & Peixian

this is a behind the scenes story on what happened on the wedding day of Thomas & Peixian. Something quite unimaginable happened, but thankfully for all the right people, and the right help, everything went fine. I think until now, the Bride Peixian might not really know what happened. So this post is to let her and all those around on that day know what happened and assure that everything was fine.

09:15 -> set off from the bride’s house on route to the couple’s new house. Excited to shoot my newly learnt technique of a low car shot.

09:20> Got the brother’s car to maneourvre to the right of the brial car as we got on KJE. Did a normal car shot at the window of the couple, and then I started to lean myself out of the window to attempt a daring stunt.

09:22> I heard a sound similar to glass breaking and i saw in front of me what happened. First feeling should be to feel panic, but I cleared my head to think how to solve things immediately. Requested the driver to stop by the road shoulder, and I went back to retrieve what i need to.

09:25> Made a few calls for reinforcement as I ran back to the car after collecting the item. One of them to my partner Xiaodong to standby to collect something from me, another to Dan of Camwerkz.

09:27> As I got back into the car, all those present were asking me what happened. I tried to re-assure all that everything is fine and under control.

09:40> Got to Shunfu, and saw the whole bridal entourage waiting for us. Quickly also saw my partner, and passed the thing to him, and told him some quick items to do.

10:00> Filming of tea ceremony as usual at the couple’s place.

11:20> got a SMS from Xiaodong that he just reached Dan’s place at Camwerkz. I was praying deeply for a good outcome, keeping in mind there is an express highlights to pull off. Its even a ROM-Express.

12:00> got a call from Xiaodong that everything was fine and back to normal, he’s rushing back to start on the edit, already a few hours behind our planned time.

17:00> arrived at the hotel to film the solemnization.

20:30> the express highlights was shown on the big screen, no one else realised the amount of pressure and panic we felt throughout the day, except for maybe Joy, the bridesmaid on the same car and the driver of the car (sorry that I forgot his name). Joy was obviously terrified while I tried to re-assure all of them that everything was under control and not to mention anything more to the groom and bride and that I will get everything settled.

Phew! Thanks to the blessed couple that everything went well, and also to our nerves or rather not getting out of nerves, and the support of the other team players of Lighthousestudio and our friends. I can’t imagine if this thing happened to a one-man operation without backup and other resources on-hand. My undying gratitude goes out to Mr. Dan Lim from Camwerkz who never hesitated to render his help that day. Thanks to our chief editor Xiaodong too for rushing out the edit, despite the added pressure of time as we got delayed by the unexpected turn of events. But we never missed any footage in the end, and I could concentrate on the filming of the tea ceremony and the subsequent events and document the wedding of Thomas & Peixian in its entirety. Its down to the teamwork of every single person at Lighthousestudio that helped us pull off an unexpected and challenging task on hand.

Thanks to my brilliant team and Dan once again for pulling it off together. I also remember that Peixian kept asking me what really fell out of the car and what actually happened. So this story clearly explains what happened. Whenever I see the video of Wedding Video of Thomas & Peixian , I will always remember this incident, with a sweet happy ending.

Lighthousestudio goes ALA CARTE!!

Thank you all for your support in 2008, we have in a short time from June 2008 until the end of the year produced close to 30 wedding videos, and shared the happiness and joy of our couple. I would like to especially thank all those who have not only engaged our services, but took one step further to refer our services to friends around you. A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU!!!

As we move forward in the year ahead, I would like to simplify the way you pay for our services. While booking your banquet, you have to take note of the extra service charge and relevant taxes, you need to pay your makeup artists for early morning charges if you decide to start your day a little earlier. Even more surcharge this, and extra payments for those who have their wedding celebrations on 2 separate days.

With Lighthousestudio, you pay only for what when you need our services to be available to you. We have removed all early morning surcharge, separate day surcharge and all complicated sounding names and extra payment. We’re the only videographer who allows you full control over how your package is structured. It’s designed to fit YOUR budget.

Our Services Includes:

High Definition Video Filming
Lighthouse Express Highlights
Lighthouse On-site Edit Highlights
Lighthouse Wedding Movie (25-35 mins feature film)
Live View! Gatecrashing
3D Wedding Montage
Love Story Re-enactment

Typical Deliverables Includes:

1 set of DVD for broadcast of Express Highlights on wedding banquet
2 sets of Wedding Movie with interactive DVD motion menu design
All wedding footage will be returned in DVD with chaptering for easy navigation

Do feel free to contact us with the date of your wedding, we look forward to meet up with you in our little cosy studio of ours to discuss.

Thank you for attending LighthouseStudio Open House

a BIG THANK YOU for all who attended our open house on Saturday, 19-Jul. Thank you so much for taking your precious time off to visit us, and shower the studio with so many gifts. The many flowers has made my balcony a truly outstanding iconic landmark. Many thanks to those who were unable to make it for one reason or another, I look forward to catching up with you to meet up soon.