The Median Nerve of My Arm

We had a fun time filming the wedding video for Minsen and Huiying. The courageous Mingsen went through the gauntlet of games thrown at him. From dancing with feather boas to singing to the love of his life, Minsen was not thrown off.

The clink in Minsen’s amour was his skill in playing scissors paper stone. To the chagrin of his brothers, each time Minsen lost, they had to do a forfeit. Not to be outdone, the quick-witted Minsen composed an inspired poem for his muse, Huiying, thereby gaining access to her room.

Have a loving and fun-filled time together, Minsen and Huiying. May your relationship together be one of passion and discovery.

Wedding Video of Sze Chun & Anni

The proposal, keys to a new home and professions of love, there’s so much to tell about the relationship between Sze Chun and Anni.

We knew we wanted to tell a story. When Sze Chun and Anni brought pictures of their proposal to us and told us they were getting their keys to their brand new flat on the same day as the wedding, we knew we could craft a story within their wedding highlights video.

We really loved the emotive aspects of the video. Apart from what they said, you could really tell from their voices the depth of their love for each other. Thank you Sze Chun and Anni for trusting us to craft this video.

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The finalists for Lighthouse Studio’s “Film My Story” Competition are posted in Facebook under the “notes” section. So “like” the story that you like the best. The story with the most “likes” will win an opportunity to get their love story filmed for free by Lighthouse Studio finest. The last “like” should be in by 13th Feb, 11:59pm. So start “liking” now!

A romantic proposal

I think this is one of the more creative and romantic proposals that I’ve seen. Marcus led Wendy on an adventure across various places that held memories for the 2 of them. It finally cumulated in a song, by a fireside, at a resort. Talk about romance. :) We were honored to edit the couple’s footage and add some simple animation.

A Cartoon that says it all

An animated montage that we put together for Chin Soon & Rebecca. When Rebecca told me how they ended up getting married, i thought their story was so sweet, and that is something that happens only in the movies. Check it out!

Rebecca: Thanks mingsong & the team for the fantastic work! the montage is done in such a cute & sweet way (as our fren commented ;)) u really paid attention to details (e.g. the characters well captured our features), and it was done in such a short time!! very impressed.. keep up with the great job! ♥♥

Daren & Eileen

We’re back! Many apologies for our tardiness in maintaining the blog. Suffice to say, we have been swamped with projects. BUT we’re good now. So expect more posts. :)

Daren went all out to ensure his then bride-to-be Eileen had a really memorable proposal, including inviting us to be a part of the “secret scheme”.

Fast forward one year later, we shared some of their crazy moments in this video incorporating their fun filled wedding day.

It was our pleasure to be a part of your proposal nite, solemnization and your BIG day! Congrats!

Eileen: Good Job Ming Song, Xiao Dong & Co! >_< All of you made these events even more memorable. Cheerz! =P

Cartoon Montage of Ian & Wendy

updated with the uploaded video. You may ask for the password to view the video by dropping us an email. Thanks!


Happy New Year to one and all! It had been a really busy season for us … and we apologize for not being able to share as much as our time permits, juggling editing, meeting and filming work and the occasional blogging as well. We are blessed to be able to share in the joy of the wedding celebrations of Ian & Wendy 3,000 km away from here on  3-January-2010. As much as Ian looks ethnically Chinese, he was really born and raised in India. Wendy on the other hand is a true blue Singaporean and they themselves met each other thousands of miles away from their own hometown in Australia. We were given the task to retell their story using a combination of cartoon integrated with photos. Here’s a sneak into some of the production still pics, will be sharing the video with you in a while.

Wedding Cartoon Montage of Eddie & Mandy

We gave you guys a sneak preview sometime ago on one of the new types of montage we are attempting. Thanks to Eddie & Mandy, who entrusted us with the big job of re-creating their love story through a short cartoon snippet. Its one of our first attempts at something like that, I hope it did turn out to be a watchable piece of work.

Thanks especially to Eddie and Mandy who gave us very encouraging words:

“Thank you for cracking your head burning midnight oil just to make sure the montage is a great piece of work! As much as we overwhelmed you with so much details, your professional eyes can still spot the highlights and piece them together in a beautiful flow! We know not how to thank you enough… THANKS! :-D”

If you like what you see and would like to work with us to develop the next cartoon montage, we will be glad to help you eternalize your story to be told to your friends, relatives and even your kids in the future! Thank you once again to Eddie & Mandy for being patient and forbearing with us on the tight deadline and giving us all trust to deliver this piece for you.

Love Story – Zhilong & Beverlyn

I had the honour to help Zhilong and Beverlyn tell their story of how they met and how they write sweet little notes and love letters to each other. Guess the traditional way of writing letters really touched Beverlyn, and from there, the rest was history.

I really enjoyed the sessions filming this couple. We had fun at Changi chalet where the freshmen and seniors from the Union Orientation Camp (UOC) acted really well. Thanks also to the resident in NTU hall 4, who graciously lent us access to her room early in the morning to do filming.

Filming such stories always teaches me something, its always the little things that guy does that the their gf really remembers. To Beverlyn, hey … don’t have to dig out your video DVD to get Zhilong to view this video again, just logon to my website, you can view it here! Enjoy!