Aaron & Sharon – married on 12th Jan 2008

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I promised Sharon to make their video online as soon as I could. So here it is.

No other wedding gave me such a deep impression as Aaron & Sharon’s. Behind the beautiful deco of the church, the hotel is simply the way they both look at each other while reciting the vows. Its simply inspiring to just see the way they adore each other.

As we had 2 camera coverage, Sharon was able to see how Aaron prepared … and the most miraculous thing was that when my partner Xiaodong was filming Aaron in the process of sms-ing a very sweet message to Sharon, I was at the other end, filming Sharon’s lovely expression.

Enough of rumblings again … I think i am getting quite addicted to just blabber on and on blogging. Now I begin to understand why people blog. I am kinda loving it. Well, please enjoy the video, and I welcome comments!