Wedding Video of Jimmy & Yu Yen

Today is exactly the 1st month anniversary of our lovely couple, Jimmy & Yu Yen … what a way to help them celebrate by bringing on their memories of that special day again.

On their wedding day, we were re-united with our long lost sibling at Lighthouse Evangelism Church, where many guests were asking if we were affiliated. Thanks to Jimmy and Yu Yen for bringing us back to be “re-united”. Just to set the record straight, we are not affiliated in any way, just hope that one day Lighthouse Studio will be able to base ourselves in such a big building as our “sibling”.

I think these few photos below will give you a clue of the personality of the couple; quite fun-loving and spontaneous, so the smiles and the laughters came about so naturally that makes it a joy to capture those timeless expression.

Besides our video crew, we had a guest appearance by one of our photographer friend, Simon Lee who helped us along. Some shots that you can see in the video were done with his Canon DSLR in video mode. We had a few new toys in action for their wedding day as well. Any folks can give a guess what’s those?

To Jimmy and Yu Yen, it had been a great joy partaking in your wedding celebrations. Makes every sweat drip worth it … but I think Jimmy perspired more than me that day. :p

Church Wedding of Kenneth & Jolin


We are really having difficulty to keep up with the updates on the entries on our blog with the videos that we do for our clients. We will be attempting to post out all the recent videos we have done through the months of May, June and now July. I shall kick start our “backlog” again with the beautiful wedding of Kenneth & Jolin which happened on 6-June this year.

There is just that something about Church Weddings that just brings out that sacredness in the celebration of marriage. Kenneth & Jolin certainly expressed their joy and happiness on their wedding day. We will try to grab a few screen frames and share with you soon. Meanwhile, please enjoy the video.

The couple also maintains a wedding blog, you may wish to visit their site to see how they have prepared for their wedding.

Wedding of Thomas & Ping Ping

Thomas & Ping Ping signed up a comprehensive package that included gown rental, makeup, pre wedding photography as well as actual day wedding photography. They are an extremely busy couple with a noble occupation…Yes…you are right….they are the “Angels in White Robe”…. 

It was not easy to fit into their hectic life style as Doctors but believe me, once you manage to catch hold of them; they will use 200% of their time, to be ever efficient and focused on the task ahead. Be it in deciding on their requirements for photography, and selection of photos, I am amazed by the their decisiveness and effectiveness on all these activities. They were really an amazing and easy couple to work with. Thank you, Thomas & Ping Ping.

Their BIG day finally came on 21st Mar 2009 after a year long of preparation. It was a fun filled day especially when I was joined with alot of their family members and friends in taking photos of the couple. They were simply like Superstars with so many DSLRs pointing and capturing lovely moments of their joyous day. The day itself was very packed (with Laughter & Joy as well) and it started before the sun rise. The day started with the unforgettable gate-crashing and tea ceremony and lasted through the afternoon with a matrimonial celebrations in their church. 

Their dinner banquet at Holiday Inn was no less memorable, especially with their touching speech thanking their parents for giving to him the education which makes him who he is today – without them he would be nothing….. you could see many moist eyes after their speech, the audiences and the parents being moved by his words. Parents are simply willing to give unconditionally of their love to their children and tonight’s celebration between Thomas & Ping Ping marks not only of their love for each other, but also their love and their parents love to each of them.

 I am honoured to have played a part in capturing the beautiful moments of the couple on this special day of theirs.  Please enjoy the small collection of images of this couple.

Click here to view more photos of this couple

Church Wedding of Choon Hock & Yin Yin


We love challenges. Many of you would have been familiar with the way we pull through our ROM-express, showcasing our couple’s solemnization happening in the same evening during the wedding banquet in less than 2 hours. This time round, for the wedding of Choon Hock & Yin Yin, we helped them to share with their guests the touching moments of their union in the House of the Lord.

There was never a moment the bride did not smile, her radiant glow can simply be seen by all, and more so in every single scene of the video. The usually straight faced Choon Hock lighted up the moment he saw his lovely bride walked into the sanctuary.

Choon Hock & Yin Yin, thank you for entrusting our Lighthouse Studio team to capture memories of your most important day. We had fun, we were pressured, we delivered the super express highlights in time to be shown during the banquet. Congratulations!

Wedding of Melvin & Francisca

I remember the first meeting with Melvin & Francisca in our studio. In planning for their special big day, they were clear on documenting their celebrations and especially placing emphasis of their holy matrimony at the church.

Fast forward to their wedding day on 1-May-2009. You could sense their sweetness for each other in those little things they do. They instinctively kissed each other as they walked out from their ceremonial church wedding, and ready to begin their life as man and wife.

Father Joseph Tan who presided over their wedding and gave them his blessings and also some important words of advice:

“This is My commandment: ‘Love one another as I have loved you'”

John 15:12

Congrats to Melvin & Francisca, it was a joy to document your wedding, and sharing the happiness of your celebrations as you say “I do”.

FM972 Radio Calls In to Congratulate Melvin & Francisca

The relatives of Francisca were really thoughtful, and prepared a brilliant surprise for her and Melvin. Being ardent supporters of FM972, Uncle Chua Boon Seng, Aunt Siew Gek, Siew Hiang all sent their congratulatory note to the couple live on-air through the DJ Chen Jian Bing.

Church Wedding of Ben & Jeannie

[if you are interested to view the video highlights Lighthousestudio produced for the couple, please contact us to request for access]

a few days before the wedding of Ben & Jeannie, i got an sms from the bride-to-be.

This is Jeannie-bride on this Sat. Just to pre-empt u that I’ll be sing9 a surprise song after our thank you speech at church for Ben. Ben doesn’t know about it. Please keep it to yourself. Thanks!

Separately, I received a call from the groom-to-be, Ben that he will be presenting a surprise item  for the bride, during the dinner banquet. Its indeed really touching to see 2 individuals going the extra extra mile to make their other half surprisingly happy on their special big day.

There are just so many beautiful things to mention about this wedding. The custom designed wedding invites, the innovative wedding favors, the balloon decorations and wishing cards.  I guess I could just go on and on about their really memorable wedding, but let their wedding video do the honour in showing you the happenings of the day, while i quickly get back to work and dish out the next project soonest.

…more stuff to be updated soon, please watch this space!

Church Wedding of Kenny & Daisy

[if you are interested to view the video highlights Lighthouse Studio produced for the couple, please contact us for access]

What a way to celebrate the 2009 new year with 2 beautiful individuals, capturing their emotions, the sacredness, and their journey today coming together as one in God’s presence. The beautiful setting and decorations at the Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary with lotsa daisy flowers accompanied this couple on their day of celebrations.

With our 2-camera team and a third overhead camera at the balcony, we were able to film down the special moments of the church wedding of the couple and their loved ones who accompanied them on this journey today. The way the couple looked at each other during the service, shows their adoration of each other. The sweet smile of the bride, the eagerness of the groom plants a deep impression upon me. Thank you for being our first wedding couple of the new year, Congrats Kenny & Daisy!

Aloysius & Lih Yun

[Please contact us for the password to view the video, and we wish to meet up with you to discuss through how we can be of service to you!]

I remembered Aloysius’s sms probably over a year ago, I think it was just after he proposed to his wife. I managed to dig out his sms, it was on the morning of 3-August-2007.

“Morning MS, can i book your service for my wedding on 7th september next year? Haha.

Aloysius was my classmate back in Anderson Junior College (AJC) over ten years back, and its really an honour to be able to do his wedding video in celebration of the most important day of his life. It really seems that I am kinda “marrying” off each and every one of my peers.

Had been a busy week, and this has been the 3rd wedding video since the start of the season. This is yet another Hi-Definition Wedding Video, definitely well suited to Aloy & Lih Yun’s I should think almost 50″ LCD TV.  Quality aside, the key to a good wedding video is capturing the emotions, the fun & laughters, and the affection of the couple.

Aloy & Lih Yun, I really had fun partaking in your big day … best wishes to you both having eternal bliss and happiness in your family life.

Joseph & Shiya

[Please contact us for the password to view the video, and we wish to meet up with you to discuss through how we can be of service to you!]

I got some feedback that loading the video sometimes take quite long. Do refer to the FAQ to try to optimize the viewing experience. Would also welcome you to drop by our studio to view the video in its full quality.

Joseph & Shiya had their celebration of love in a beautiful church setting at Cornerstone Community Church. Thanks to the church film crew, who were especially helpful to provide us the footage of their in-house video cams, it freed me to shoot additional angles which I could not normally achieve with a one-camera work. Thanks to the crew of CSCC once again.

On the wedding, Joseph also sang “It had to be you” to the bride, giving a pleasant surprise and touching the hearts of many present, on his public declaration of love.

Yen Swee & Min Ju

Love knows no boundaries, just like that of Yen Swee & Min Ju. In case you are wondering, Min Ju is Korean and Yen Swee is Singaporean. And fate may have it that they would meet in neither Singapore nor Korea, but in China where Yen Swee and Min Ju were on exchange program as students.

[Please contact us for the password to view the video, and we wish to meet up with you to discuss through how we can be of service to you!]

Their wedding had some cross culture flavors. During the church ceremony, the cute ring bearer boy was in traditional Korean costume, while the flower girl was in a lovely white gown. Min Ju simply looks ravishing in her traditional costume during the dinner.

Their wedding was full of touching moments, they each took turns to deliver their message to their in-laws in the own mother tongue; for the groom in Korean, and the bride in Mandarin. I wish the Yen Swee & Min Ju everlasting love and happiness.