Our hero, David, dressed for the occasion, arrives to fetch his beautiful maiden, Olivia. Enjoy the gate crash, Hong Kong style.

The joyous and fun atmosphere was infectious and we really had to try very hard not to laugh. During the dinner banquet, the guests were treated to Lighthouse Studio’s unique 3D montage. Still images from the past were animated, bringing back nostalgic memories. It was a pleasure filming you guys. All the best!

A romantic proposal

I think this is one of the more creative and romantic proposals that I’ve seen. Marcus led Wendy on an adventure across various places that held memories for the 2 of them. It finally cumulated in a song, by a fireside, at a resort. Talk about romance. :) We were honored to edit the couple’s footage and add some simple animation.

A Cartoon that says it all

An animated montage that we put together for Chin Soon & Rebecca. When Rebecca told me how they ended up getting married, i thought their story was so sweet, and that is something that happens only in the movies. Check it out!

Rebecca: Thanks mingsong & the team for the fantastic work! the montage is done in such a cute & sweet way (as our fren commented ;)) u really paid attention to details (e.g. the characters well captured our features), and it was done in such a short time!! very impressed.. keep up with the great job! ♥♥

Daren & Eileen

We’re back! Many apologies for our tardiness in maintaining the blog. Suffice to say, we have been swamped with projects. BUT we’re good now. So expect more posts. :)

Daren went all out to ensure his then bride-to-be Eileen had a really memorable proposal, including inviting us to be a part of the “secret scheme”.

Fast forward one year later, we shared some of their crazy moments in this video incorporating their fun filled wedding day.

It was our pleasure to be a part of your proposal nite, solemnization and your BIG day! Congrats!

Eileen: Good Job Ming Song, Xiao Dong & Co! >_< All of you made these events even more memorable. Cheerz! =P

Solemnisation Express Video for Alvin & Rachel

Producing beautiful Express Videos at wedding dinners are not as easy as people think! This is because good editing requires time and effort. The minimum time usually required to edit the wedding footages, filmed in the morning, is between 4 to 5 hours. Therefore, solemnisation ceremonies held just before the dinner banquets would typically not be included in Express videos as there is less than 1 to 2 hours to edit them.

Alvin came to us one day and asked us if we could help film his wedding video. He felt that it would be meaningful to share moments of his solemnization with his dinner banquet guests and asked if we could fulfil his wish. Being confident of pulling it off and crazy enough to take up the challenge, we readily agreed.

This special couple, Alvin & Rachel, have known each other since secondary school. Alvin had a crush on Rachel since then but was too shy to court her then. This friendship gradually developed into love later on. It was clear to us from the gatecrash to the outdoor shoots at Upper Pierce Reservoir and Pierce Secondary school that they strongly loved each other. We wish you, Alvin and Rachel, a blessed wedding. May your relationship grow deeper in understanding and intimacy.

[in compliance to recent music copyright rules, please email us at video@lighthousestudio.sg for the password to watch the video. if you find difficulty loading the video, check out our FAQ for a possible solution]

The ever smiley bride Rachel

Back to our Sec Sch when sparks first flew

cool Rachel enjoying the show in the room

Say Arghh…

Bro, u look scary!

sorry Rachel I kissed him first today ..

4 cute Bunnies

Cool Bunny Pole Dance

Alvin conquered the gate and winning the bride Rachel

the entrance of the groom and bride for their ROM

Thumbs up for the Solemniser

Lighthouse goes Live View for Wedding Banquets – wedding of Eugene & Chia Chia

We were eagerly anticipating the wedding celebration of Eugene & Chia Chia. It has been a blessing for us to witness the wedding of Eugene and Chia Chia. The fun filled duo contacted us the very next day after watching one of our express videos during her friend’s wedding (Wee Lee & Pei Yi).

Eugene also planned out an exciting proposal which we edited to share their story. For the record, he proposed in front of a few thousand people. To know more about them and their “Whirlwind Romance” as well as their touching proposal, check out the proposal video segment below.

On their wedding day, Eugene’s band of brothers gamely laid on the tarmac road with their “Armani Suits” . Many residents were definitely impressed with Eugene’s proclamation of love to Chia Chia. During the dinner banquet, Eugene and Chia Chia’s guests were able to catch glimpses of them as they prepared to enter the banquet hall. This was made possible because of the wireless live feed for the dinner banquet. However, we have been sworn to secrecy and thus won’t show the intro video to their march in. All we can say is that, “Eugene, you look really chio!”

Church and Wedding Highlights Video

[in compliance to recent music copyright rules, please email us at video@lighthousestudio.sg for the password to watch the video. if you find difficulty loading the video, check out our FAQ for a possible solution]

Love Story & The Proposal

[in compliance to recent music copyright rules, please email us at video@lighthousestudio.sg for the password to watch the video. if you find difficulty loading the video, check out our FAQ for a possible solution]

Iain & Claudia – union of Knight & Princess

Its been a while since we last posted something on the blog. Been caught up with many things, one of them being the copyright music in wedding videography that we are all concerned about. Kudos to RIPS for showing leadership and decisiveness in striking a balance between the music companies they represent and common people like us. Visit http://www.rips.com.sg/wedding/ for detailed info.

No details was spared in the preparation of their wedding in bringing out the theme of the Knight and Princess and their fairytale wedding. No efforts were spared by both the groom and bride to make each other the most important person and the happiest for the day and beyond.

As the gang of brothers “prepared for glory” in gungho style, its the artwork and the innate singing talent within Iain that melted that heart of his beloved Princess. Hardly have I seen my buddy sing before, thus I have specially cut out a short segment of his entire singing. Check out also his self-made card, lovely delicate art work.

[if you find difficulty loading the video and you are on Singnet/MIO internet, please visit our FAQ for a possible solution]

The rest of the actions were even more hilarious and fun, specially since we have a team of warriors in battle with the groom, ever ready to take on any types of challenges that comes their way. Check out the freshly brewed express highlights incorporating their same-day solemnization ceremony.

[please request from the couple or from us to obtain access to view the password-protected private video]

Diwei & Minmin's Solemnization album

Hello!!^^ Time sure flies and a year has passed since my last post. Kianteck recently finished an album from a solemnization we covered and here is a quick preview of their album..

Free Wedding Photo Montage with Actual Day Videography Package

Answer some simple questions regarding our recent wedding trailer correctly and be entitled to a free wedding childhood montage service FREE! from us. Limited to the first 20 couples that sign up with a deposit by 31-March-2010. Interested couples are encouraged to send in your enquiry email with the date of your wedding and the correct answer to the following questions.

Question 1: How many couples were featured in the trailer?

Question 2: What is the name of the church being featured at time 0:54? (you may be able to find out the answer from our blog archives)

Lighthouse Studio Trailer (year in recap 2009)

Thank you to all for walking with us in the journey and entrusting us in producing your wedding videos, and externalizing the memories of your celebration of love. Would like to share some of the scenes that we had captured the past year that was put together in a short recap trailer. For those who’s clips were not showcased in the trailer, its only because its not immediately available at the time of edit (did you hear it, Mr Neo?)