Irene & Sze Whay – you made my day!! Thank You!!

A BIG THANK YOU to Irene & Sze Whay for the nice looking thank you card, and your thoughtful message in the card.


The card even has a furry texture, I think it can’t be really seen from my scanned picture. I like the card alot!

Thanks for your compliments on the work we do, its really these little things that keeps us going, and motivating us to keep making memorable videos for you and your family to view again and again.

The nice and romantic Korean love song (“Marry Me”) that you requested to be used for your 3D montageĀ  had such a lovely tune, that really mesmerizes people. Although I don’t quite understand the lyrics, the beautiful melody is really apt for a wedding celebration, and for the montage.

I hope you will enjoy the 3D montage as much as we have put in our effort in doing this well. Congrats to Sze Whay & Irene, and thanks for working closely with us, and being patient with us in our revision of the draft till this final version.

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